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Loss of Signal of all SKY channels tonite

Posted by shopaholic-670119 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by shopaholic-670119 - 9 years ago

Thanks for that bit of reassurance Simon.

My signal has been fine since, maybe the spider got fed up or found a better home!
Hope so.


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Posted by simonskyman - 9 years ago

No and I don't believe a word of it. Its not technicaly possible and Sky do not gain anything by stopping us(that is,anybody out of UK) from receiving their programs.But they would lose a huge amount of income. If Dmac4by4 is right then Sky just wanted YOU to lose signal because nobody else lost any signal.

No settings have been changed.You probably got a spider, I got rid of two today.Sometimes they climb up the LNB struts and make webs to catch flies, and in the evening they might venture into the cosy feedhorn and when they do your signal goes.Getting the spider out is a tricky matter because there are delicate parts inside the feedhorn and if these are damaged then your LNB is no good, and if you put your weight on your dish it will need realigning again.

Next question.

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Posted by shopaholic-670119 - 9 years ago

Hi, I eventually got the signal back at around 11.45 last night.
But you just replied is very worrying, not only for me but for all of us here! Has anyone else heard this ? Simonskyman how about you, have you heard this ????

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Posted by dmac4x4 - 9 years ago

Have a relative working for Sky as a Software Engineer. He has told me Sky are testing a new software package that sends out a signal causing all boxes outside UK parameters to respond, and if they are found to be outside Sky's jurisdiction the box and card will be disabled electronically. Expects this to be initiated soon