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Sky Help!

Posted by lynz412 - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by simonskyman - 8 years ago

Your amstrad is on old software and can be manually upgraded.Disconnect the power from the wall. Press the back up button on the digibox.While keeping the button pressed,reconnect the power and keep the button pressed until 4 lights light up on the front of the digibox. You should see a message on screen saying the box is updating. The box should then go into standby within 10 minutes,and hopefully updated.If you are on very old software you might need a few goes but you may not succeed. If it takes much longer than 10 minutes then switch off power then onn again.

To tune ITV to "other channels". Press select,press 4(system set up). Press 4(add channels). Type the frequency 12402. Scroll down to "find channels" and press select. Hopefully a load of ITVs should appear on screen. Press the yellow button on your remote to place a tick next to the first ITV,then tick all ITVs,then press select.Press select again then exit the menus by pressing the "sky"button on your remote. To find the ITVs press select and go to "other channels"(on old software it will be on 6,on new software it will be on 7).I assume you have a freesat card so no phone call to sky.

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Posted by No longer Online - 8 years ago

What is wrong with the Thompson box. I may be able to fix it for you as I have some spares for the SKY+ and HD Thompson boxes.

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Posted by furio - 8 years ago

the new white cards are paired to the receiver,

u need to call sky not tell them your abroad and get them to resend the pairing code to your second box,