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TV programme set in Cyprus shown on ITV1

Posted by charleymackenzie-696394 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by susiecy-664858 - 9 years ago

i also watched this programme `House guest in the Sun` shown on ITV last week... I thought the way the expats treated Stella was awful .. some of them had only lived in Cyprus for a year!. Stella and her family have been an integral part of Paphos for years - and they should have been a bit more respectful. As a comparision i watched this weeks episode based in the Algarve - sorry to say they are a much better bunch!


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Posted by kazanddave - 9 years ago

Dont forget that this programme was made for mid afternoon entertainment.
The people who made it are in control and can edit and stage everything to make people look worse than they really are.
Apparently each individual day that they filmed the people where on the set for 18 hrs.
By the evening they would be tired etc.

If the programme was all nice and fluffy, it wouldn't be good viewing for people who have nothing else better to do but watch the box in the afternoon, have you seen the adverts they put on at this time of day, companies buying unwanted gold, claims lawyers ect.

I believe all these guest house programmes show people at their worst.

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Posted by Sadie-696555 - 9 years ago

I wondered how they would have felt when they watched themselves, cowering with embarrassment I would imagine. They were so nasty about Stella (the only one with any dignity).

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Posted by geri.ah - 9 years ago

hi, i saw that programe last week whilst i was in the uk,and i agree, what a load of jumped up nobody's, i felt ashamed to be british.