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watching Strictly come dancing

Posted by Lykle-683048 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by Graham S - 9 years ago

There's been a lot of discussion on internet TV if you search back over the forum postings. There are various software packages which will give you a VPN - in other words, disguise the true location of your computer and fool the BBC server, in this case, into thinking you're in the UK and you can then watch BBC iPlayer just as you would in the UK. The quickest and cheapest (it's free!) solution if you're in a real hurry is www.filmon.com which will let you access BBC1 & 2, ITV1, Channels 4 & 5 and a few other channels. the video quality isn't the greatest, but as long as you've got a reasonable broadband connection it's tolerable. On a regular basis we access all BBC & ITV channels on the net using 3rd party software for which we pay an annual subscription - I think it's 25 or 30 US dollars a year at present. We have 2meg broadband and the tv streaming is generally stable; at busy periods we do experience occasional short interruptions for buffering, but only rarely and never for more than a few seconds. ITV channels seem to run more smoothly than BBC, and rarely if ever sufer interruptions. I'm sure there will be plenty of other contributions to your topic - feel free to mail me offlist if you want details of how we went about it.



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Posted by phelps - 9 years ago

You need to get a software VPN which has an English IP address in England

look at www.filmon.com