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Baby Shopping From Scratch

Posted by smithybaby - Created: 10 years ago
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Posted by prince-673835 - 10 years ago

Hi there,

I have 3 children and I bought all my things at mothercare,

my youngest are twins, now three yrs old, if you are interested in a car seat,

i am selling them in order to buy booster seats, the carseat is Brittex from mothercare,

it has a inner seat for a newborn, then that inner seat comes out and you have a seat till

the age of 3 to 4 yrs, the recomended kilo is 0 to 18.. I have kept them like new as i allways

use a extra head support.. that still have the same one in mothercare for 215.00 euro,

if you are interested I will acept a offer.. I to am in limassol my mobile no is : 99810397.

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Posted by Victoria Geddes - 10 years ago

Congrats on the pregnancy!

If you can take a day trip up to Nicosia, I would recommend also popping in to Ikea for a look at their baby/kids section - you can get bedroom furniture, i.e. cot, change table, chest of drawers etc, mattresses, sheets, muslin squares, baby bath, towels, toys....we even got our baby a playmat from Ikea. Its also good for slightly older babies/kids, as they have high chairs, bibs, bowls, child proofing stuff, room tidy's etc. Much cheaper than Mothercare of course. Though we decided to pay more for a cot from Mothercare, as the Ikea cots are slightly smaller and didn't have drop-down sides and I knew that the Mothercare cots would all have the exact type of bars with recommended distance apart etc, as per recommendations. But we have an Ikea cot at my daughter's grandparent's house (cost 60 euros) and it also does a great job - personal preference I suppose :-) But definitely worth a look.

There are 2 Mothercares in Nicosia - Athalassas Avenue and Kennedy Avenue. They don't have everything in the catalogue in stock, so it is worth going in to speak to them so they can tell you which things they do and don't have in warehouse.

Good luck!

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Posted by 5vrgs - 10 years ago

One more idea :-)

Get a list together of the things you'd like to buy, go visit various stores and see what's available where ... and then wait for the sales. There are 2 different 'sales seasons' here in Cyprus and you're bound to get great bargains.

If you can't wait till then, you obviously need to buy stuff before, but its worth keeping in mind.

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Posted by scotmum - 10 years ago

Hi, i had my little one a year ago and i got most of my stuff from mothercare,. alot of smaller bits i got from jumbo aswell though. I may also be able to help you out with some second hand bits aswell if you are interested.

Drop me an email if you want.

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Posted by 5vrgs - 10 years ago

PS: We've found Jumbo to be the most affordable place to pick up stuff ... go have a look at their baby-isles :-)

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Posted by 5vrgs - 10 years ago

Congratulations! Its all very exciting, and I hope you and your husband enjoy it all together!

I have found baby things in Cyprus to be incredibly over priced .... and if you aren't against using 2nd hand items, would encourage you to look out for bazaars/sales/ads on Angloinfo where people are selling used stuff. Your baby will outgrow most things in a very short space of time, and the new things you've bought will still be in a very good condition! You can get some really nice things if you look around.

If you are keen to look into this idea, I suggest you and your husband make a short list of necessary items, and possibly even visit a few stores to just 'get a feel' for whats on the market ... and take it from there.

Good luck!

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Posted by smithybaby - 10 years ago

Thanks for your response. I'm also thinking about buying most of the stuff from the UK and getting sent out here. However before I start ordering I would like to go to a shop to actually see the items and have a good old fiddle. Do you know which mothercare is the biggest? Kind regardssmithybaby

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Posted by soph-678689 - 10 years ago


I also am expecting my first baby,i ordered all my things from mother care because you know that they have to reach certain standards.for e.g i ordered a complete travel set.which includes push chair carrycot,carseat and they wouldnt allow me to have it because the manufacturers had forgotten to put something in the instruction manual.i am having alot of things brought over from mother care in the U.K. also, because alot cheaper!!! all the best and happy shopping