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Child Benefit

Posted by mummyof4 - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by mummyof4 - 8 years ago

I have phoned them, and because I have a yellow Alien card. I have to prove every year that my children have restarted at a school. They will back date money so I will get July and August in September.

The money gets paid straight into my bank account. It is all because they want the proof that we are still here and the children are at school.

Thanks everyone for your help

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Posted by jackiemou@live.com - 8 years ago

im english and i get child benifit, i dont know what your all talking about that it stops july and august, i got mine in july and today my august one arrived, are you sure it hasnt been taken, its better to have it go straight into your bank account. good luck

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Posted by rollita9 - 8 years ago

I have 4 kids and can tell you that Child Benefit in Cyprus is paid throughout the year. Once they reach the age of 18, you need a letter from the school or college saying that they are still studing and they will continue paying you. Payment only stops for 18 year olds and over during the summer months as they are able to get part time work. Once back into education in September they need a letter saying that they have enrolled again.

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Posted by Peeps-676557 - 8 years ago

My friend has 3 children and we were actually talking today about the subject, she is pretty keyed up on what she is entitled to claim and said that family allowance for 3 children or more is paid for 10 months only of the year (no payment July and August) and a large cheque end of September (providing school letters are produced). I only have 2 children and get my cheque in December,,, a massive 700 euros total for the year. wow!!!!! i dont know how they work their figures out but it doesnt seem fair. Especially when my husband pays almost 200 euros a month social insurance for being self employed.

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Posted by sweethoneybums - 8 years ago

Hi there

You can also find some information in English here http://parentingincyprus.webs.com/childbenefitscyprus.htm

I was not aware that they stopped in the summer!


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Posted by mummyof4 - 8 years ago

Thanks everyone at least I know whats happening now.

At least I will get money at some point.

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Posted by tr11 - 8 years ago


When I rang the Child benefit office last year I was told that child benefit here is not paid to foreigners for the summer months of July and August!

You will get the money but not until you have provided letters from the schools or for a baby a letter from the muhktar in September then you get a nice cheque end Sept/end Oct..

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Posted by macmaccat - 8 years ago

Hi. we normally get ours monthly but didn't receive july's payment either. i know we have to reapply before september payment made as last year we had to take a letter from school to say they were registered for that school year. we were not able to do this before september even though we had paid school registration fee, the kids had to have been back to school. they then paid the summer month payments as well.

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Posted by johnners-660966 - 8 years ago

Hi Mummyof4,

I can't answer your question directly but have you looked here? http://www.cyprus.gov.cy/portal/portal.nsf/dmlcitizen_en/dmlcitizen_en?OpenDocument