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Current (2009/10) advice on schools, please

Posted by MaryD-691958 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by MaryD-691958 - 9 years ago

I just wanted to thank everyone for taking the time to respond to my post. It has been very informative and interesting - and all grist to the mill as they say. I was over in Limassol 3 weeks ago and visited American Academy, Red Dragon and Heritage. Foley's informed me that they had no places so I didn't go there.
I had heard detrimental things about AA so viewed them with some caution. The school appeared very professional although I was told more about how they assess the children than perhaps I wanted to(!) and didn't therefore get such a feel for the pastoral side of the school. I visited at break time so the children were outside playing in characteristically vigorous fashion. I somehow felt it was a little too vigorous for my liking, but I might just be a sensitive soul!
Red Dragon is undoubtably shabby on the eye, but as I'd been impressed by their website www.reddragoncy.com, I remained impressed by the ethos and attitude that I felt in the school. It definitely has a family feel and a very happy atmosphere. Various things have always attracted me to it - the small class sizes, the impression that as a parent I could get really involved in the school, and aspects of the pricing structure (e.g. lunch provided; no charges for books; discounts for subsequent children/ early payment). I also have a 2 year old and currently they would be happy to offer her a place for 2 days a week, for example, until such time as someone asked for a full-time place. I liked this flexibility of attitude rather than the all-or-nothing approach.
It is impossible not to be impressed by Heritage's position and facilities. Again it had a very professional and warm atmosphere, although with 3 reception classes (=72 children) it's difficult to see how they can maintain a true "family" feel.
I left feeling that I would be happy, on an educational level, with either Red Dragon or Heritage, but I knew where my heart was.
I look forward to seeing many of you soon. My girls and I arrive in Cyprus on March 19th (if I don't have nervous breakdown by then!) so my daughter will get a few sessions in before Easter before starting full-time after the holiday.

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Posted by hhhelen-664269 - 9 years ago

Hi Mary

My 2 children have been at Heritage for two and a half years and are just about to transfer . Please feel free to email me bimbo21c@hotmail.com.

If you have already visited and selected a school, then I wish you all the best and hope your children flourish in their new school.

Kind regards,


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Posted by Limassol T - 9 years ago

Does anyone know, by chance , if there is flexibility on the pricing at Red Dragon School? In comparison to the rates we are paying at Am. AC, the price list appears to be very high.



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Posted by greeny-687262 - 9 years ago


really just a quick message to give my personal opinion. my daughter started in the heritage in year one in the old heritage school. she did exceptionally well and we loved the school. for me though when she moved to the new heritage it lost the small school, everyone knows everyone feel. the new heritage has an excellent infrastructure and my daughter always did very well, loved her teachers, had lots of friends but we made the big decision alongwith our daughter to move her to the red dragon this year, for her year 5 grade.

the main reasons being:-

smaller classes in the red dragon therfore more individual attentionable to do afterschool activities as it was much cheaper.all books included in the overall priceuniform much cheapereash child has there own computormeals included (although special diets still need looking at at the red dragon)easier to get to and less trafficmy son will start in 2011 in year one and the huge school environment would not be good for him, and i want them both in the same school

the above are the main reasons we decided to change. the heritage was and is an excellent school and we was lucky with our daughter as she did really well but since we moved her she loves the red dragon and is very happy.

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Posted by Aase - 9 years ago

I am one of the mums who moved their children from Heritage to Dragon after a short while. I do not think I am an expert but I do know my children and do know when things are not right! We moved our children after 2 1/2 months and in that short space of time my son had gone from loving school to hating school, misbehaving and not learning anything at all. He was constantly put down by his teacher, being told that 'he has a very short memory' and that he is making the teacher miserable. The misbehaving stopped immediately at Dragon and within a short space of time he was moved up a year as he was doing so well. My daughter was in the Reception at Heritage and was doing fine, even though I wasn't too impressed with the teacher repeatedly telling parents that 'she was exhausted from shouting at the children all day'.

Even though Dragon's number of students is increasing fast, the classes are still small. In my son's class there are 13 students (11 of whom have moved from Heritage) and in my daughter's class there are 12. Her class has one teacher and one assistant + a lady who looks after a boy with Special Needs. The nursery up through to Reception are in a separate building and they have a nice and safe area outside with climbing frames, etc. + lots of toys inside. The rooms are small but very cosy and the school has a very 'homely' feel to it.

We will all have different experiences and opinions regarding the schools and maybe we were just very unlucky with the teachers at Heritage. The best you can do is to have a look at all the school and choose whichever you think will be best for your child. Good luck!

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Posted by Limassol T - 9 years ago

We have our children in American Academy and the school is generally very good- i would say probably the best in Limassol. But I have heard much praise for the Dragon school, so I would definitely check it out. When the Heritage was based there, it was a phenomenal school, in part because due to size limitations all the classes were very small so the quality of teaching was better and of course much more attention given.

All the best in your decision


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Posted by kolossi crew - 9 years ago

My son attended the Heritage for nearly two years and we made the tough decision to move him lots of reasons but mainly because his grades had fallen so much he wouldn't have even past his end of year exams.... he was in year 6 at the time, so very important year moving from primary to secondary education.

We moved him to the Dragon school and have never looked back, he passed his exams with excellent grades, I would definetly recommend that you visit the school.

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Posted by Cheer2555 - 9 years ago

My oldest is in Pre-reception at Heritage and she did Nursery last year. She'll be starting reception next year. We are extremely happy with the school. I thouroughly checked out the top 5 nursery schools (visited them all) in Limassol and we decided that Heritage was the one for us. They have the best facilities, there are 20 kids in the class with one teacher and two teachers assistants. The playground is very nice, the staff is excellent and she has already learned a lot. She is miles ahead of her other friends that attend other nursery schools. She can write most of her alphabet, add numbers one -10 and speak a little Greek. Feel free to email me with any questions you have about the school and I'll be happy to answer them. Be warned though as soon as someone says something positive about the Heritage school there is a group of parents that always get on here and trash it. They had their kids there for all of 2 weeks and now think they're experts. The waiting lists are very long so you may not be able to get your kid in right away though. If you aren't coming til Easter I would go ahead and call the school now to find out about the list for next year.

Best of Luck

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Posted by EleniLimassol - 9 years ago

Hi My children attend the American Academy Limassol.The "homework they get in kindergarten is colouring" My daughter went there from the age of 2 1/2, she is now in Year 4 at the primary, there are 15 children in her class. My son attends the secondary school also this is a small class. In Reception the homework is minimal.
I have been happy from day one at this school.
15 is not a lot in a class. It is more like a family at the primary school.
Anyway good luck

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Posted by wilbmah - 9 years ago

I am also looking for a school for my daughter, and would love to exchange information with anybody.

I've only seen the American Academy Early Years. The children seemed well-behaved and reasonably happy. I know somebody who studied the local private schools extensively, and she's got her daughter there, and they are happy with the place.

However, here are my reservations: a high student to teacher ratio (12-15 students to 1 teacher, or 1 teacher and 1 assistant in the pre-kindergarten)
small rooms
not a lot of visible toys - these are 3 year olds, there should be lots of toys
a small, sparsely furnished outdoor play area
homework - not everyone agrees with me, I'm sure, but I feel that a 3 year old does not need homework

The place seemed ok, but I'm still looking for other options.