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Deciding on Souni (and looking for a place to let)

Posted by maewing-698285 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by rafi-688430 - 8 years ago

we live also in souni and we have 6 years old boy who goes to st.mary.we are interesting to share the lift in daily basic.we are also looking for baby sitter for 1 year old baby for six hours daily.i will be appreciate if you hear for someone who is interesting.


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Posted by maewing-698285 - 9 years ago

Thank you for your very helpful response! I am coming next week to look around and check out the logistics and both of you that responded have given me much to look into. At present, our relocation may be hindered by the inability to find a suitable house to rent there. We own a place in Lefkara that we want to hold onto and I am not ready to dive back into the market there. I have heard country rose is great and we were hoping to find something to rent there. However, there appear to be two ladies also looking for the same things with their families at the same time. We shall see how things unfold.

How do you like Heritage? I obviously accept that Cyprus is not the US or the colder part of Europe where you have tons of sports and activities. However, I wonder how it compares.

Kind regards,

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Posted by macmaccat - 9 years ago

We live on country rose in souni with our 3 children (13,8 and 4) who are all at the heritage school. We think it is a lovely place to live and our children have not suffered at all with allergies here (but never suffered in other places either) They are able to play out in the street as there is very little traffic and also in the forrest area. The drive to school takes approx 25 mins and should be less when the new road opens up. as for shopping there are two small kiosks that sell the essentials. there is a bigger one just up the road in kivides which has slightly more selection including fruit and veg. in kantou just down the hill is a good fruit/veg shop and a fish shop but for the weekly shopping i go to episkopi which is 10 mins max down the hill. there you have lysiotis which has a very good butcher and we are able to buy every thing in there that we could get in any of the larger supermarkets, so there is really no need to drive into limassol for shopping. janine

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Posted by maewing-698285 - 9 years ago

Thank you so much for your reply. It is quite helpful. I am coming to Cyprus this weekend and Monday/Tuesday partly to check out Souni. I hope to get a view of some of the sub communities. I have only been once and that was with Kanika and most of the places were empty. I will check out Souni living. BTW, is there any shopping at all in Souni or do you have to go to the grocery store, chemist, etc. all the way down in Limassol?

Kind regards,

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Posted by SouniHarts - 9 years ago

Hi,We've lived in souni for 4 months with our three children and are finding it a very pleasant place to live. There are many families up here with children at heritage, red dragon and logos schools and we find it possible to share lifts to school which is very helpful.
We have found that our children have suffered a little from Hayfever since we moved here though!
can recommend Souniliving.com - they're the agents we found our place through and they were very helpful.
Good luck!