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Dragon School Limassol

Posted by napier11 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by Street-699058 - 9 years ago


I have two children at the Dragon school, one in reception the other in Year 2. They started in January 2009 and are really very happy. The staff are excellent, the classes are small and the girls really feel part of a community. I would certainly recommend it!



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Posted by jolythgoe - 9 years ago


my daughter is in year 5 and is very happy, i moved her from the heritage this year, the main reason being the smaller classes. she enjoyed the heritage as well and did very well there

the infrastructure isnt the best in the Red Dragon but if you look past this the small class sizes are an excellent plus point. also when your child moves up further you will also have to consider all the extra costs; ie books etc and this is all included at the red dragon and was proving to be extremely expensive at the heritage.

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Posted by napier11 - 9 years ago

Dear Aase

Many thanks for that and for replying. Does anyone else have any other or similar experiences please?

Thanks you and considering how bad my spelling and grammer are in my postings, perhaps I should go back to school !

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Posted by Aase - 9 years ago

I have two children at the Dragon school, one in year 5 and one in year 1. I also volunteer in their Early Years department two days a week. It is a wonderful school, my children are very happy there and so are the children I work with (mostly Reception). It is small, classes are small, teachers are good and very caring.

My children were at another private school in Limassol before and were miserable + didn't learn anything at all. Dragon fortunately changed their attitude to school and they started enjoying school again.

I know that there are many families signing their children up for September, especially in the Early Years classes so if you want a place I would apply for one soon! I would advice you not to put her in after Easter 2011 as she will really struggle to catch up. If she is four in the summer she should really enter Reception this September and there they start learning letters, numbers, etc. Some of the children that started in September are now reading simple books, if she starts in April she will have missed out on learning all the letters and will find it really hard - unless you want to hold her back a year and let her start Pre-reception (age 3 and 4) and start Reception in September 2011 instead. You can choose to do so and if you are not from England then it doesn't matter. If you are from England, however, and move back at any point, she will be a year behind and will either have to skip a year or go privately as the state schools are very strict when it comes to age.

Good luck, I hope your daughter will enjoy school as much as mine do!