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English Children in Cypriot schools.

Posted by fast chick - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by Nikitaconway - 9 years ago

my sisters attended the school in Limassol and experience bullying from students and teachers
a group of cypriot girls waited everyday at the school gates and attacked them my mother went into the school and assured her it will be dealt with
after a few weeks it started again and my other went in to the school and demanded a meeting with the headmaster and the parents of the bully's this did not happen instead the headmaster spoke to their parents.
after a few more weeks my sisters came home and reported that a teacher had said they look like terrorists as they are english in a cypriot school
my mother then took my sisters from the school as they are over 16 they can legally leave school and they both started an apprenticeship now they attend a college in nicosia and the company employed them both and pay their college fee's
im just glad i didnt attend school in cyprus and think something should be done
it's a shame the english schools charge so much forcing parent's to put their children in the local schools and have problem's like this
something should be done and if there is anything i can do to help let me know

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Posted by fast chick - 9 years ago

Im hopfully going to see after christmas.

I have got so many people backing me now, and watch this space.

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Posted by bally-692530 - 9 years ago

Hi sorry to here about your boy could you please tell me what school this happend hat please has we are moving there next month thanks darren

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Posted by John S. - 9 years ago


Have you tried to conduct the ministry of education? You should insist to see the minister, let him know what is going on...

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Posted by fast chick - 9 years ago

I would like to thank you for putting your comments forward.

I do think you are correct in what you say.

I do not claim child benift, as i have been told that i am not allowed ,as i have to produce a document that was distroyed in the english court over 8 years ago, until i can produce this document im not entittled to any thing. What another Laugh.

Thank you again, and i wish you and your family luck in the uk.

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Posted by fast chick - 9 years ago

I also agree with a bullying campaine.

Any one wishing to comment or join a campaine could e-mail me directly on anita-paphos2009@hotmail.com.

Thank you.

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Posted by fast chick - 9 years ago

I would like to thank you for all your support on this matter.

I am also sorry for the trouble you have had, i am glad that im not alone on this matter.

kind regards to you all.

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Posted by fast chick - 9 years ago

Thank you , the school is Lobosto Andreas in Emba.

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Posted by achilleas - 9 years ago

If Cyprus is as bad as London, then why are you moving to London?
I have to disagree with you, being a Cypriot that lived in the UK and came to Cyprus. Thankfully, Cyprus is still WAY behind the UK in violence, but it has gotten worse over the past 10-15 years.
My boys have been in a secondary school here for 6 years. The one time I had a problem with one teacher I went to the Ministry of Education and it was sorted out within 2 days and the only instance of bullying at the school was stopped the same day.
I have to disagree, being Cypriot also, that we think that we are better than everyone else. This mentality is thankfully the minority and I do not like being tarred with the same brush just because of one incident.

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Posted by lgirl-684686 - 9 years ago

Its so sad to hear these events...

Cyprus used to considered as a safe place where we can bring up our kids but unfortunately things changed dramatically and as somebody said earlier Cyprus is becoming the same with London.

Unfortunately the reason that Cypriot kids behave like this its because of the way the parents raise them and teach them. Cypriots believe that are above all the nationalities and they can do whatever they want cause all the rest are lower than them.

I am Cypriot my self and right now i am relocating in London cause unfortunately there is nothing we can do about this situation here. Even if you try to contact the different ministries or the authorities you will lose your time unless you are ready to take cases to the European court. Cyprus is a small country with A LOT of corruption so my advise is if you want to continue leaving here either leave with it or be ready emotionally,financially and physically to fight.

Concerning the home tutoring out of experience telling you that if your kids are under 15 registered in Cyprus meaning getting child benefit from Cyprus unfortunately going to school is compulsory.

I can imagine how fustrating this can be so if you want any further details concerning the above you can contact me on my email. Hope things get better soon.