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English Nursery schools in Limassol

Posted by carlalilly - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by CharlotteWildsmith - 8 years ago

Your the other side of town to where the nursery is, you'd do better to find one nearer where you are. I looked round my local area and visited all the nursery's that I found, only where I live I'm up in the hill's a bit and only found two, both of which are state nursery's and the one I wanted didn't have any spaces. So now my husband drops the kids off on the way to work.

If your near the base there you could see if you can get her into the nursery on it, I used to live near Ay Nic and had my daughter enrolled into the nursery on the base, it's obviously for the forces children but they take fee payers. Its completely English curriculum and follows the Key stages etc, you will need to pass a security check to get be able to get access but it's no big deal, maybe worth asking around about it.

I worried about my kids picking up the language but honestly they adapt a hell of a lot better than we do, kids don't really need the language to play, I found this out years ago as I have cousins that live in belgium, it never bothered the children, they all played together anyway. And within days my daughter was settled and happy, its funny to hear them ask her to do something in Greek and she goes running off to do it. All I would say is make sure the people that run it speak good English so they can tell you if anything is wrong, it's no good them phoning up to say they are ill and you not being able to understand them!

Hope all this helps!!

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Posted by kshirley - 9 years ago

try the Red dragon school near the old hospital

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Posted by carlalilly - 9 years ago

Thank you for reply Charlotte, im living in Akrotiri village at the minute.

The english / greek sounds amazing and is definately what i would prefer i just worried about finding the right place. with her going full time i wanted to make sure she will be understood from day one!

please can u give me the name and address of this place so i can contact them.

thanks again its nice to get the recommendations and know i will be sending her somewhere with a good reputation!

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Posted by Helen Lamb - 9 years ago

Hi there

My daughter went to Sunflowers & Busy Bees. You can choose between the English or Greek classes. Children learn in a loving nuturing environment. Its clean with home cooked meals on offer - an excellent choice in every way.

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Posted by CharlotteWildsmith - 9 years ago

Where abouts in Limassol are you?

My children (2+4) attend a Greek nursery just outside Limassol, they've been going there since April and love it. They both understand pretty much what they are asked to do in Greek now and my daughter (4) is coming out with so many Greek words, she speaks to my 2 year old in greek, I personally am lost as to what they are saying already!

I chose the nursery as I found someone else on here had sent their daughter and we're very pleased with it, they started talking to the children in English with the Greek along side, they then spoke more and more in Greek when they could see that they understood. They now speak to them solely in Greek. The lady that run's the nursery is fluent in English and we converse on how the children are doing freqently.

I know you said you wanted an English Nursery but it's worth considering a Greek one.