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Episkopi or Souni

Posted by maewing-698285 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by nemski - 8 years ago


we have a house in souni and its definitely too quiet for graduates with kids :) Having said that, theres not an awful lot happening in Episkopi but at least theres a bit more activity, shops, sea, easy access to motorway and Lemesos if you get bored...
good luck

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Posted by johnners-660966 - 9 years ago

Hi Maewing,

Good luck with your search for a rental property that suits your requirements. You'll know the place when you see it, it's a strange feeling we've all had, you just seem to know!

As for the mold problem usually this is easily solved once you've identified the cause. Our original rental property was prone to mold in just two rooms. The lack of air vents was the cause. Once this was pointed out to the landlord he had a builder install a couple of air bricks and the problem was fixed. Mold problem gone in a couple of days never to be seen again for the remainder of our rental term.

Our new home had some damp & mold in one room. The cause this time was the builders painting newly plastered walls before they had dried, basic building practices being ignored really. Stripping the paint off and wheeling in a portable dehumidifier cured that problem in about a week.


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Posted by CyprusLiving001 - 9 years ago

I can't compare Episkopi to Souni or Aradippo, but I live in Episkopi and it's nice. We live up the hill in the newer area, not in the older village.

Episkopi has easy access to the highway. A mix of nationalities. Currently no water shortages. Internet connection (as good as it gets in Cyprus as far as I can tell... which isn't blazing fast, but it'll do). We're not in the city, so the grocery stores are open on Sundays. Actually, for such a little town there are a surprising number of stores here. Erimi is down the road and that is also another nice town.

As far as mold is concerned... I think this is just a problem that has to be dealt with as it arises. My last house had dampness on the lower part of the walls of the garage. The landlord dealt with it. There are businesses here who fix this.