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Giving birth here in Cyprus

Posted by missloselips - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by claire23-712095 - 7 years ago

Hi arch_alin,. karen 51 is my mum !!! I can honestly say the limassol general was by far the best hospital i had my children at i only wish i had given birth to my other kids there. I have three boys two were private and my last was in the general. To answer your questions i never had any problems with discrimination at all i am British and my husband is Bangladeshi. We were treated the same as anyone else. The maternity and nursing units are spotless and clean at all times. My son was in ICU for a while and the care they gave him was outstanding. My second son was born private and had to be transfered to the general as the private did not have the facilities to look after him and as i had a c-section i was unable to live the hospital to see him the general has all the facilities really wish i had given birth there. Not sure about pain relief as i had a c-section but i was given pain killers when i needed. You do not need to pay the nurses or doctors any money they treat everyone the same and look after them the same also do there are no problems there either. Most of them speak English, i was worried about this but they were fantastic and if it they didnt know they would find someone who knew what i wanted or needed. i hope this helps you and i wish all the best with the birth if you have any more questions please ask. Let me know how you found it.

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Posted by arch_alina - 7 years ago

Hello, I moved to Limassol one year ago, i am 38 weeks pregnant and i haven't decided where to give birth yet. My husband recently made a pink health card that includes me as well, and I found out that this card covers all the delivery expeses at the General Hospital. I read your post about your daughter giving birth there and that you were pleased with the people working there...wich is good news for me, since i am considering giving birth there also. I have some questions that maybe you can answer, regarding the general hospital, their services and their staff: are they treating the moms alright, do they discriminate imigrants? Is the maternity and nursery unit ok, with decent hygienic conditions? Do they help you through delivery if you are in too much pain ( any injection to ease the pain, gas&air maybe, epidural, anything) ? Do you have to pay the doctor or the nurses any money, even if all the expenses are covered by health card, in order to be treated decently and to be attended? And most important: can you comunicate well with the hospital staff in english? I hope you will see this post before I give birth :) waiting for an advice, thank you very much.

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Posted by Karen 51 - 8 years ago

Last June my daughter gave birth at Limassol General Hospital, she had to have a caeserrean as with her two previous. She had wonderful care from all concerned. As the baby was very small and complications etc he had to spend 6 days in special care where he was looked after with all the latest equipment and dedicated staff. My daughter and son in law were kept informed with his progress and allowed to visit but not to touch him until he was out of danger. The nursing staff were wonderful and visiting times seemed to be very informal. There was a room with a fridge and other facilities for visitors. The doctors visited a couple of times a day. Excellent service and better than the private hospitals. Only down side is the pre natal visits where there is a lot of waiting around and not very well organised (unless you have the nerve to push in the queue (they don't seem to keep to the times allocated) but apart from that very pleased with the hospital. Don't believe all the horror stories.

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Posted by mcumbo - 8 years ago

My daughter gave birth in the Paphos General Hospital yesterday and we cannot praise the staff enough. My daughter had to be induced and was admitted on Sunday night. She was started off yesterday morning at 7.45am. She had no pain relief whatsoever all the way through. Her partner, my eldest daughter, my husband and myself were with her all the way through until 15 minutes before she was about to give birth when she was taken down to the delivery suites with the midwives. She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Lily-Mae, at 3.30pm weighing 8lbs 2oz.

We were very apprehensive about her having the baby at the General because of reports that we had heard and read but cannot fault the staff at all. The staff were attentive and very kind all through labour and the aftercare has been exceptional. Hopefully my daughter will be out by Thursday as she is celebrating her 20th birthday on that day.

No two experiences are the same, maybe we have been lucky, but I think if you go in hopsital with a positive outlook then I think that that will be a benefit so I hope that writing this will help somebody who is about to give birth in the General Hospital

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Posted by jackiemou@live.com - 8 years ago

i have four children two in u.k. and two here, i found it much better here , dont listen to horror stories, buy the nurses a box of chocolates, be nice and quiet and they will let you do want you want/

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Posted by michau - 8 years ago

Congratulations ! That s nice. it was nice reading your post , as I had told you sometimes you can t be influenced by what you hear , there are some sad stories of course but in the the end we have to judge from our own experince me too I can t complain of larnaca hospital and will have my next baby in April there without any doubt !thanks for letting us know I was waiting for you post :)

Thanks for sharing .

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Posted by missloselips - 8 years ago

Hi all and happy new year.

just thought i would let you all know Christina gave birth to a healthy 7 and half pound baby boy. on Monday the 10/1/2011

she went into labour at 2am she stayed at home till she couldn't cope with the pain, we took her to hospital at 5,30am . she was admitted and greeted by two lovely nurses who took her to be examined who was amazed that she had coped with the pain till she went it .after being examined we was told she was fully dilated and ready to go to delivery room. i was with her all the way threw .

they never interfered or told me to leave the room at 6.45 baby Alexis was born. so with all the horrors storeys we ware told about. Larnaca general hospital were great. and the after care is excellent Christina had complications after the birth and had to go down to theatre. and is now having blood transfusions. but we hope she will be coming home any day now. if we had opted to go privet. witch we nearly did they would have still sent her to the general hospital to do the operation.

so i thank god she was in the tight place the staff have been more than help full and caring to us all. thank you Larnaca hospital and to all that helped with your comments xxxxx

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Posted by pdobbo - 8 years ago

Read your thread with interest over the past few weeks. Just hoping that all works out well and thinking of you all.
Please let us know how you got on :-)

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Posted by missloselips - 8 years ago

Hi Ladies, Christina went for her 36 week check up, we spoke to the doctor who reassured us there was no problem with me going in with he?

it remands to be seen tho , i hope and prey we wont have any problems. so much for sharing your experiences and will keep you informed of the out come. marry Christmas to you all and a happy and healthy new year xxxxx

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Posted by michau - 8 years ago

Yes please let us know .

Hope you have good replies:)