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Giving birth here in Cyprus

Posted by missloselips - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by missloselips - 8 years ago

ladies for your input , we are off to the hospital for her 36 week check, i will ask the doctor about this and only hope and prey that they will let me go threw this experience with her.

we keep you informed of the out come.

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Posted by 5alive - 8 years ago

Hello there dont worry, I have had two children here one almost 4 weeks ago, one just over 2yrs ago at Famagusta general hospital. I can not recommend this hospital enough. The kindness and care from the staff is fantastic my husband has been there with me both times and they allowed him to bathe both our children for the first time after they were born. The best thing is your baby gets to stay right beside you the whole time. (unlike in private clinic) I can not comment about other towns but as far as I'm concerned Famagusta General is oustanding in care. Good luck to your daughter and just be there for her it will all be ok. :)

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Posted by lperdios - 8 years ago

I know that they do things a little differently here but from my experience the Drs and Nurses are extremley focused on the jobs they are doing! Eight out of every 100,000 pregnant women die shortly before, during or after giving birth in the UK thats not taking in to account the deaths of newborns. Compare that to the 1-2 complications or deaths in Cyprus in the last 5 years. As far as I can see they know what they are doing. In my opinion you should be firm but polite and if you have questions ask and do not be afraid. You will usually find that they are a little stand offish because of the language barrier but If you can get through that I am sure she will be fine. I had 3 births at 2 different hospitals in the UK and it was Hell! It is much better here.

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Posted by michau - 8 years ago

Me can t say the same. I didn t have a nice experience either but I heard from women that had their delivery in private clinics and it was a night mare for them as well too. I had ceserean in Larnaca general hospital , they helped me out of bed 12 hrs after the ceserean to the bath to shower and they brought my daughter as soon as i was ready from the bath . I could hold her and they also encouraged breast feeding and helped me out.I think we can t generalize about all general hospitals I think it s the staff involved like everywhere.I will have an other ceserean in April and I will have my baby there again.

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Posted by naomimarylinda - 8 years ago

I have had 2 children in the Paphos General Hospital and I don't envy anyone that does as this it was the 2 most horrible experiences of my life. Two casaerians and they didn't let me see my children for at least 24 hours and I couldn't hold them for about 3 days. My husband was not allowed to see them or touch them. And I would probably say that they will no way let you have a birthing partner as they are very funny about germs and things. My best advice to you is go in, have your baby and get out there as soon as you can lol. Sorry to scare you but nothing I or anybody else can say what will prepare you for it. Just be cool and let everything go over your head, don't take anything to heart. In fact my best ever advice would be go to the UK and have your baby!!!!!

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Posted by zoecyp - 8 years ago

i had my baby in paphos general hospital 4 months ago, they are funny with people in the room,but as long as u insist and kick up a big enough fuss they will allow it, i'm 19 all so , me and my partner arent married , i found a hell of a lot of problems with this especialy after the birth, with regestration ect if your daughter needs some one to talk to if your in paphos just give me an email zoecyp@hotmail.com would be more than happy to have a coffee n chat.


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Posted by SweetLana - 8 years ago


My son was born here in Cyprus (Limassol) 10 months ago. It was private clinic and it was allowed to be with me for everybody I wanted to see. So my husband was near me just after the birth. I enjoyed the labour and that period generally. So I can't imagine that it's not allowed here. I heard of this for the first time.

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Posted by missloselips - 8 years ago

Oh so much, omg i couldn't believe it when i was told i mean we are not in the dark ages now and i know all over the world things are done different but.

i couldn't Imagen leaving her the to give birth alone, myself i have 5 children and they all grown and each experance was different but ether my mother was with me or my husband. i was all so there for the birth of my 4 grandchildren but it was in the uk.

once again thankyou so much x

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Posted by soph-678689 - 8 years ago

my daughter had a baby december last year and we were told that 1 person was allowed to be with her,so i went. if they say you cant just be insistant!!!my daughter gave birth in Larnaca