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govermental kindergarden

Posted by evangelismos - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by flamenco-668447 - 8 years ago

Hi sweethoneybums,

Please can you tell me where i can get information about the Polidynamo day care centers, im in limassol, please can you also tell me which hours the day care center runs and how much you pay everymonth.

Thanks so much for your help

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Posted by sweethoneybums - 8 years ago

Look for a Polidynamo day care centers. Thats where my son goes and its run by the Cyprus Government and he has been gone from 1 years old.

There is one in Yeroskipou and in Peyia. So there must be more in other towns too!

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Posted by annakyriacou - 9 years ago

I dont think that they take any kids younger than 3 years old. I can only say the same thing: Im sending my daughter this year to government school and i also paid 45 Euros because she is not 4 yet. She is going to school on 15th of September and she will close 4 on 31 of October and they still want money).
Hope my information will be useful!!!

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Posted by steffnixon - 9 years ago

My youngest was 3yrs 8 months when he started nursery, we had to pay 40 euro/month because he wasn't quite 4 yet. Hope this helps x

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Posted by 5alive - 9 years ago

Can someone please clarify the age for goverment nursery as I went to one local to me and they said he can not start untill 3years of age. My son will be two next month. Thanks.

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Posted by helsbells - 9 years ago

Just remember with Gov nursery they also close the same days as big schools, so in the summer hols and on religous holidays days etc of which there are a lot, they will be closed and if you work you will need some one to take care your little one...and thats the only negative thing i can say about Gov nursery..

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Posted by steffnixon - 9 years ago

I think you have made a great decision evangelismos, as I said our children have been in the governmental nursery and they have had such a wonderful educational experience in a warm encouraging environment. I have nothing but praise for the teachers. In my opinion wanting the best for your child is not always about splashing the cash! Good luck :0)

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Posted by evangelismos - 9 years ago

Thanks for all opinions. What I think now, the governmental nursery is not worse than private. I know I can save money if children would go to governmental. My elder daughter is 2 and a half and I didn't see children in her group doing something extraordinary than children in other nursery. I mean I expect from nursery that my kids will spend there good time playing, singing, dancing, laughing. Only this what kids like. And of course basic knowledge of numbers and letters, and reading (later).

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Posted by limassolblue - 9 years ago

Private Nursey from my experience and that from friends is by far the better...if you want the best for your child and can afford it then a good Private Nursery is the best.

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Posted by PEDS111 - 9 years ago

I am replying again because I do feel very strongly about this, both my English children went to government schools and still do, I cannot stress enough the benefit of them mixing their friends in the village.My daughter is 3 1/2 and has already been to see the dams, how water is produced, Limassol Castle, recycling plant,picking up rubbish on Mackenzie beach,to see the local goat herder, see how Hallumi is made to name but a few............ No comparison.