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Posted by CanCyp - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by toby-699613 - 8 years ago

Hi- not ALL English style schools are expensive. Our Son's school costs 100 euros per week, has a max of 10 kids per class and has 3 qualified British Teachers- cheaper than some nurseries as you only pay during term time!

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Posted by workgroupbs - 8 years ago

hii cancyp..i too agree with JMC on the requirement of getting English education. although i appreciate your willingness for home schooling lending your kids a great educational environment. i too believe that this is the much better option on private schools.

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Posted by Lazer - 9 years ago

You're right JMC, you do have to pay for home schooling resources and for tests to be marked etc. I know someone in Paphos who home-schools her girls and as they are American they follow the US curriculum. They are also practising Christians so I think it has a Christian slant to it all aswell. It's not as expensive as sending them to a private school in Paphos though.

We are going to try our children at a village school and see how they get on. As the classes are small and they are young (9 & 7) I'm hoping they'll get on ok. We are moving over to the Tsada area in Feb 2010 and have started teaching them the alphabet...


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Posted by JMC-684723 - 9 years ago

Without wanting to sound rude, is it absolutely essential that your children have an English language education? I also toyed with the idea of English education and decided that the fees were ridiculous and impractical to pay for, as you put it, 'private education'. I decided to educate my daughter in the state system. She is now in second grade, in a lovely village school which is far more of a 'private education' than any of the schools that so many people pay so much money for! She has 7 children to her class and 37 children to the entire school! I am very happy with the standard of education and one-on-one care that the children get. We were, initially, the only foreign family in the school and the staff and parents were very accommodating!

With regard to your desire to offer a home-schooling facility. I commend your desire to school your children in a small and essentially, free environment. What sort of fees however, would you charge or expect to be charged for this sort of facility? I can only assume that, although it wouldn't be at the level of expense of a 'private school', it would not be cheap! Should you want any information on school text books.......I have a teacher friend who gives lessons at home who may be able to assist you in purchasing books and coursework or simply give you some advice!