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is moving to a cyprus good idea

Posted by tala10 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by Teddikins - 3 years ago

If you come to Cyprus, rent a property rather than buy. Property is very hard to sell here and if you decide Cyprus is not for you you will not have a house to sell.

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Posted by masterbuild - 3 years ago

2 of my children were born here,and the other was 1 when we arrived 10 years ago.I have been used to the rigours of self employment all my working life,so i survive,If you arent self employed and are going to work (or try to) for someone,you have to think long and hard about it.If you use your brain and dont overspend,you can survive here,but its usually where people go wrong im afraid

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Posted by Marian212 - 3 years ago

Hi, I am Cypriot, born overseas, and have lived most of my child life in Cyprus and most of my adult life abroad so I hope to give you some useful info.

With regards to education, the public schools are OK but it would be useful if you spoke Greek to help your kids with their studies, I believe state schools in Cyprus are only in Greek. However if you want them to go to an English speaking school, they will follow the same subjects/curriculum (GCSEs, A'levels etc) as the UK. However all of these english speaking schools are private and the fees are not cheap. I went to a pretty good private school in Limassol which led to achieving two BA degrees in UK universities so I can vouch the education system in the private school I went to is very good.

Public medical care in Cyprus is horrible, much much lower than NHS. When I lived there I had private health insurance. Most of my Cypriot relatives pay extra for private because the public healthcare system is rubbish.

Employment in general is difficult. Speaking Greek helps, speaking Russian is an advantage. To claim any kind of social welfare/benefit/funds you must have worked there for 6-12 months. Cyprus is a small country with limited opportunities unless you relocate there with already having a job secured there I do not recommend you move there thinking you will get one, especially as you already have a family to provide for. Also the employment laws are very much relaxed and therefore do not expect the same legal treatment/ equality etc as you would in the UK. I personally find job security in Cyprus uncomfortable. Plus dont expect to receive anything near the salary you received in the UK or bonuses nor benefits etc

Groceries are not cheaper than the UK. In fact its the same if not more.

Electricity is priced are very high. There will be some cold periods in the winter and you will discover that most homes do not have central heating nor are they build to hold in the heat therefore your heating will come from a/c units which will up the electric costs. Same for hot summer periods.

Cyprus is a lovely country to grow up in however in the current economic climate I do not recommend for families to move there especially if you do not have a job secured there. I left Cyprus because job opportunities were scarce. I earn much more abroad and live comfortably enough to allow me to visit Cyprus with my family as often as I like and enjoy it as a "local tourist".





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Posted by masterbuild - 3 years ago

I just read my comment on this thread from 2011,boy was i right lol.Im still here,10 years and counting,but as a place,Cyprus is finished

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Posted by johnny1 - 3 years ago

sorry but i cannot believe you are thinking of dropping everything to come to cyprus.

i still canat get over what a big mistake ive done by coming..biggest mistake of my life.

my advice....dont do it..

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Posted by Flavia-919462 - 3 years ago

Totally agree.  Been there, done that since 2006.  The most depressing time in my life.  Sunshine does not compensate for the lifestyle in Cyprus.  Lawless and corrupt - one rule for one, etc.

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Posted by EsmedeCadenet - 3 years ago

I wouldn't recommend coming here, I still regret it after two years!


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Posted by cypriotgreek - 3 years ago

As abroad-born and raised Cypriot-Greek I would say to you do not come to Cyprus if you don't have a self-employment plan or contacts that will land you a good job soon after your arrival. The people who make it here and are foreigners (or even locals...) are the ones with a lot of local contacts, money, and in a way, this gives them power against the authorities and that in turn translates to a better living standard whereas if you are ''poor'' in any way you will suffer from the corrupted way government officials deal with you when they don't ''know you'' already via some third party...

Nepotism will mean that you will not get a fair chance for a job even if your education & experience is better than other applicants. If they know ''someone'' they will get the job that you deserve.

Some Britons think the weather is enough to decide to move here and they are willing to deal with the bad aspects and indeed (I dont like it but it happens) I see British people not caring if they live in a corrupted country, state and society, as the only thing they want is a villa swimming pool good car and ...the beach. But these people have a way to live in their bubble world, and for the rest of us, life here is not such a rainbow of experience.

If you really are fed up with English weather you can still pick another sunny destination that is better in terms of quality of life, I haven't lived in Tenerife but I visited there and people were far friendlier than Cypriots anywhere I went, and I don't think the corruption levels there soar like in Cyprus...  I would say even Greece, provided you are in a small island with a small close-knit community (many English live on Rhodes and Crete), is better than Cyprus:/

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Posted by alexsash - 3 years ago

Not now....

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Posted by abby-725075 - 7 years ago

Im sorry but I disagree with the majority of these comments!

Myself, husband and 4 year old daughter moved to cyprus 8 months ago and its the best thing weve ever done.

You can always find a job if you are willing to do most things and learn the language.

Its much better than the uk to bring up your kids.

uk is getting worse and worse