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looking for a child therapist

Posted by jackiemou@live.com - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by ENABLE ELA - 8 years ago

Hi, my name is Thalia Demetriou, I am from the Enable centre for children with special needs in Nicosia. We have several diagnosticians we recommend. Give me a call on 96710587 and I can give you some numbers.

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Posted by AASP - 8 years ago

Dear Jackie,
as far as getting diagnosis you need to know that you can get that from a psychiatrist or a trained on DISCO psychologist which there is only one person in Cyprus.
If you get in the NAS - National Autistic Society-UK the Center of Development & Support for Children & Teenagers, AASP can offer you that.
From my understanding you just need a diagnosis. You can get it at there. Now because you live in a different town, there are various services you can get from the center as far as the therapy sessions. There are programs for parents, social and play groups for kids that last 12-14 weeks, there are intensive programs, assistive technology, etc. There are also therapists that are trained with the center and they offer services in Nicosia under consultation from the center's team.
you can always visit the www.cyspecialed.com and ask for an appointment. You can do that on line.

Best Regards
AASP Center

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Posted by Anette Martinsen - 8 years ago

try Maggie in Nicosia. she is excellent

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Posted by DaveLewis - 8 years ago

Hi Jackie

I was a teacher in the UK for 17 years teaching 7 and 8 year old children. I had close links with the year below as they would come to my class next and over the years we had children with problems in the class. Educational psychologists were very wary of giving a diagnosis at the age of six as the children are still at a developmental stage. The example I use is that when I first started school I would reverse my 'b's and 'd's which is seen as a classic sign of dyslexia. However, after about six months of school I showed no further signs. If I'd been given a diagnosis then maybe I'd have had unnecessary extra help. Especially as you say the symptoms are mild I'd be wary of having her labelled

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Posted by Dimitra E - 8 years ago


I am an Occupational Therapist based in Paphos - I work with a diagnostician who has worked in Canada. He is based in Limassol and is the best one I know of in Cyprus. His name is Dr Christou. If you are interested in seeing him if you haven't already, let me know and I will send him your details. He speaks English.

There is also a Special Centre in Limassol again that deals in Autism. the Psychologist in charge is Nefi Charalambous. Go onto their website and check it out : just google cyprus special education and it should take you to the Autistic Association website. Sorry am not giving you all the exact contact details now but am not in my office right now.
Let me know if you come right!

Good luck

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Posted by jackiemou@live.com - 8 years ago

No thanks, ive been to them and they dont seem to be able to diagnose, I dont mind the price, its just that i dont drive, im looking at Nicosia but if i cant find someone here i will try the number you gave me, thankyou so much, i appreciate it. Jackie

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Posted by giraffe-704946 - 8 years ago

Well no to be honest but I am sure the public Hospital will have one or a child psychiatrist which can also give a statement.

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Posted by jackiemou@live.com - 8 years ago

hello thanks alot for your reply, i may go to her, do you know anyone in nicosia by the way. thanks J

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Posted by giraffe-704946 - 8 years ago

Hi did you get my message? i email you to your personal email.