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Looking for new friends in Nicosia

Posted by matthew_emmott - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by Christiana-Kyriakidou-925170 - 1 year ago

Hello everybody, 

me and my husband live in Nicosia with our 2 year old daughter. We are looking for other english speaking families to hang out with. I'm Cypriot, but my husband is Scottish, so it has been hard for him to find other english speaking friends here. 

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Posted by Stefan J - 9 years ago

Dear Matt,

I am another Scot living in Nicosia, with 3 kids (11, 8, and 7 all at Junior School)..................ten years here with no parole :-)

Are your kids ar school yet ? Once they are, you will have more friends than you can shake a stick at.

As previously suggested St Pauls is excellent, or so my wife told me as she went for a few years when the kids were smaller, and you do not need to be God squad in any way.........swimming classes for the little ones is another option, but your wife will have to take a deep breath and just walk up to folk and start talking.................they will do the rest.

Sign you wee ones up for Nursery if they are really wee, such as Romanos and again you will meet too many people and be invited to too many bloody kids parties.

Personally i am of the dour Scot variety and pretty anti social, but if all else fails you can send me an email and come round to my house, drink beer, and watch your kids jump in the pool with mine.

Alternatively hang out at bars such as Finbarrs, Shamrock, etc get drunk, and fall on people which is always an ice breaker.

Tell your wife.................dont be sad..............be loud !


Stefan stefan@novexco.com.cy

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Posted by helen29 - 9 years ago

Yes, that site is nice. You can also have a look at www.mumsincyprus.com, theyre good too. They have groups for Nicosia and other towns as well.

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Posted by sweethoneybums - 9 years ago

Hi there!

Take a look on www.parentingincyprus.com they have a forum with parents from all over Cyprus that may be interested in meeting up!

Good luck.


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Posted by dezzied - 9 years ago


We are a family of 5, Husband, Wife(Mid 30's) and 3 boys aged 10, 8 and 5 and we are moving to the Larnaca area in June.

We are hoping to send the boys to a state school so that they learn a different culture but would love to know if there are any families in the Tersefanou area with boys of that age so they have English friends.

We are very excited and do have friends already living out there but the more the merrier!


Lisa & Dez

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Posted by Victoria Geddes - 9 years ago

Hi Matt,

It is difficult to find friends in Nicosia, especially if you're not working in an environment with lots of internationals.....but I assure you, there are lots of us ex-pats up here! How old are your boys? I have a 13 month old daughter and meet up with other ex-pat mums on a wednesday morning at St Paul's babies and toddlers group.Its very informal and relaxed. The kids can play whilst mums and dads chat and have a coffee. I myself am Scottish, but at our group we have english, irish, welsh, american, french, german, spanish, norwegian, serbian, russian.... (and more!). Daddies are welcome too. Its very informal. Have you taken your boys to Madisons the mall to use the softplay centre (are they the age to still enjoy that?) On tuesdays there is a mummy and toddler group and I think quite a few ex-pat mums go. If your boys are older than babies and toddlers age-group, then perhaps other mums with older kids can help out with suggestions? (the St Paul's leaflet says kids from birth to 6 years old welcome....) I know some of the mums I know also have older kids at nursery and school, so a visit to playgroup might still be worth it to find out more...... http://babiesandtoddlers.googlepages.com or email: babiesandtoddlers@gmail.com

I also notice in the church hall there is a note posted on the notice board about a women's coffee morning (nothing to do with kids!) so for those people with no young kids to go to playgroup with, who are struggling to meet friends, but wanting friendship and to meet other women, this may be a good starting point? (I haven't been, so I can't comment more) I can find out more when I go to playgroup tomorrow if you want...

I hope this is helpful and we can bring your family into the fold of ex-pats in Nicosia!

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Posted by Mairi45 - 9 years ago


Im Mairi i'm originally from Scotland. My Husband and I moved to Nicosia and we really enjoy it although i miss my friends for coffee and a chat... I f you want to meet up for coffee or lunch or just a chat then email me...

Kind Regards Mairi

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Posted by delboy10069 - 9 years ago

Hello mate, we'll be in the same position ourselves next year and are really nervous and excited about the move, so keep the bar b q warm and the beers cold and we'll see u when we get there lol. Good luck, cheers, Del & Miche.