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Nannies - how much?

Posted by Elga - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by jasmina1-678674 - 8 years ago

Hi Elga

I pay 5 euros for an hour,baby sitting,cleaning and ironing,i think 1000 euros is far to much money

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Posted by zany-684605 - 8 years ago

It depends on the calibre of nanny. If you get a properly trained person who has childcare qualifications expect to pay more, on the other hand there are mothers and kind hearted people who could look after your children for less. A foreign worker might be paid 5 euros an hour for cleaning and taking care of children.

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Posted by Elga - 8 years ago

Hello Rosie,
thanks for reply. It was helpful, yes. I am quite happy with the nanny I've found, or let's say I couldn't find anyone better.

She will not need a car, I'm not even sure if she's got a cypriot driving license. My work hours will be different as I was informed today.
So I'm back to discussion with her.

anyway, thanks for your reply!

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Posted by Rosie S - 8 years ago

Speaking as an ex nanny for many years. I also worked in receuitment so I think you should take into consideration if she is using her car during working hours, will you require her to do additional work (other than nursery duties to include the cleaning and organising of the childrens rooms and laundry) such as shopping, assisting the smooth running of the home such as paying bills during her working hours?

Will you be paying her Social Insurance?

With the best will in the world people are delayed and its my experience that the nanny does stay later than her set hours on occasions so this could be mentioned at the outset, will you require evening babysitting? What quality of care do you want for your children also...

If you find a good nanny who is flexable, who both you and the children take to then you may consider giving her the requested salary if she takes on a few extra responsibilities or agrees to include some regular babysitting into the agreement?

If I can advise please drop me an email.

Hope that helps