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Pregnancy at Polyclinic?

Posted by CyprusLiving001 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by noshi - 3 years ago

Hey everybody, I am also looking for recommendations for maternity clinics/doctors in Limassol. Does anybody have any more recent information or advice from their own personal pregnancy experiences here? This is my first pregnancy so any advice would be appreciated :-)

Thank you!

p.s. I have Universal Life medical insurance if anyone else claimed through this company.

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Posted by Barcelona10 - 5 years ago

Isis is the most professional clinic in CY, very good docs and experienced midwifes. They also provide excellent antenatal classes, where you learn how to cope with labour. Everyone speaks English ok

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Posted by sue clay - 5 years ago

Debbie and I (www.birthwisecyprus.org) were really impressed when we went to have a look around the Isis Clinic Nicosia last week.... and also to meet a doctor (Andreas MAvrides) who is very pro natural childbirth and women's choices!

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Posted by lyudmyla - 5 years ago

clinic igias really good hospital. I gave birth there. My gynecologist was Nearchos Papacostas want to warn milestones who want to give birth to this doctor if you want to give birth physiologically you can not give heard that all who give birth with the doctor makes Caesar's. as I

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Posted by CyprusLiving001 - 8 years ago

Dr. Pantazis is located near Superhome Center. Phone: 25 35 30 30
500 Euros for all pregnancy visits with him -- blood work is done elsewhere at additional cost. Delivery is a couple thousand Euros, I don't have the exact figures with me.

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Posted by martysha - 8 years ago

can u please post any contact number for that doctor? or maybe u can pm me and tell me what price did u pay? thanks in advance :)

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Posted by Loubychew - 9 years ago

Dr Pantazis is a great dr. His new clinic is fab and I have found him to be at all times kind and friendly. Lovely man.

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Posted by Cheer2555 - 9 years ago

Parking at Polyclinic can be daunting at first but I found the pay lot next to the hospital to be just fine. I gave them 2 euros and my keys for 10 months without a problem. I was nervous to try it at first but it worked out fine. They even started holding me a nice shady spot for my car because they knew I was coming :D Or if there was none to be had they'd move somebody else's car so I could have the nice shady spot :D Best wishes!

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Posted by CyprusLiving001 - 9 years ago

Thanks to all who shared their opinions. I've decided to go with Dr. Pantazis, which will mean delivery at his own clinic right off the highway.

To answer my own question about parking at Polyclinic- I drove by there, fully with the intention of parking my car and going inside to see the place. I found the parking situation so stressful that I didn't bother, and I just kept driving.

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Posted by Cheer2555 - 9 years ago

I gave birth to my 2nd daughter at polyclinic in June. I had a c-section and the service was great. The nurses were all very nice and sympathetic, most spoke excellent English and were very open to whatever I wanted. I wanted my baby with me most of the time and they were fine with that and didn't pressure me to put her in the nursery. They have 3 levels of rooms that you can choose from varying in price. Just pop in and I'm sure you'll find them more than happy to help you out. They also do classes the month prior to your birth one of which includes a tour of the ward and explanation of how things work there. My Dr. was Nearchos Papacostas who's office is directly accross from the polyclinic.