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Prenatal care and birth at Paphos General Hospital

Posted by lisaw81 - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by Debs21 - 4 years ago

Hi Lu,


This is Debbie, did you get my reply?


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Posted by Lucia R-891011 - 4 years ago

Hello ladies,

I am planning to go to Paphos General for my first visit since finding out I am pregnant.

I do not have the pink slip, so I will have to pay most of the fees. My question is - does anyone know the standard expenses you have to pay in the general hospital if you do not have the pink slip which entitles you to free treatment?

Who is the gynekologist in the general hospital? Is that just one doctor or do they have few you can choose from?

Which day would you recommend to go? when is more quiet?

Any advice would be much appreciated =)


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Posted by Mjay666 - 6 years ago

Hi hcs85, No you can't go any other day at the General. The check up scans are done on a tuesday morning, only the screening scans are done on a thursday. If I remember right the general tend to wait until your about 8 weeks for your first real scan. If you do decided to tell your employer, you are entitled to the time off to attend for check-ups. Hope this helps.

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Posted by hcs85 - 6 years ago

I am around 5 weeks pregnant, have been having bloods taken at the Blue Cross and one internal ultrasound, but it is very expensive and want to go to the General (I have my yellow slip). The only problem is I work Tuesdays from 9, and as I am still very early in my pregnancy, I don't want my work to ask why I keep needing Tuesdays off! Is there any other day I can go? I noticed someone said you could have a scan on a Thursday? How would I go about this? Very new to all this!Thanks

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Posted by 99walder - 6 years ago

I had my son in the Iasis hospital with Dr Kontos last June. What an amazing doctor. My husband was next to me in the delivery room when I gave birth. I went the the general hospital for the 1st 7 months but I got fed up with the wait when I got bigger so moved to the Iasis where I was MUCH more happier especially with its room facilities where my husband stayed with me the whole time as it is a private room with twin beds. Well worth the 1500euro. I had a very easy birth. I was induced at 8am and I gave birth at 12noon :) The staff were amazing. I am now pregnant again and I have gone straight to the Iasis as I don't have time to wait around now I have a 9month old baby. I'd definatly recommend the Iasis.


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Posted by lisaw81 - 7 years ago

Hi Mjay

First of all congratulations !! and thanks ever so much for your reply it was really helpful, now that i`ve been to the general a few times its easy and the ob gyn I saw last time was just lovely, I asked a few questions and he answered me and was really helpful. I have to go again on the 24th and I dont find it stressful any more. I`ve started a page on FB pregnant in paphos if any of you would like to join so we can swap tips and experiences etc.

Thanks again all advice is greatly appreciated, have a nice weekend


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Posted by Mjay666 - 7 years ago

Oh and I had 3 midwives plus 2 student midwives in the delivery room with me, every one of them cheering me on, holding my hand and wiping my face, the students especially! That was really all that I needed at the time, someone to cheer me on and boy did they!

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Posted by Mjay666 - 7 years ago

I don't know about the private hospitals but in the general no-one is allowed with you into delivery. Anyone can be with you throughout labour but once you move to the delivery room its just you and the midwives. I wasn't really happy about the idea either, I really wanted my husband to witness our daughter being born, so did he, but once I got to the fully dilated stage and was moved to delivery I honestly wasn't bothered. By that point you just want it to be over.I have heard that they tend to do more c-sections in the private hospitals, hence no-one would be able to be with you then either.

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Posted by dlewis-676852 - 7 years ago

Hi just read the post saying no one can go into the delivery room with you, is this just for the general or is it across the board in private hospitals aswell, not sure i would want to be alone for this ??

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Posted by Mjay666 - 7 years ago

I had my first baby in Paphos General almost 12 weeks ago now and cannot fault the treatment I received there. It is a bit confusing and frustrating when you first start to attend for scans as they have a certain way of doing things, we eventually figured it all out. Once you have your file made up its a doddle. The earlier you get there the quicker you get out, but be aware the doctors (Dr Andri and Dr Patsalides are both lovely, can't remember the other doctors name but I wasn't too keen on him) don't actually start until 8:30-9am as they are doing their rounds on the ward beforehand.
The blood tests will cost you €240, but that is the same regardless of which hospital you attend apparently. The general will not continue to treat you unless you have the blood tests done, this is a one off though after that any further tests are free as far as I'm aware (mine were).
I was four days overdue when I went for my last scan, which by the way I didn't actually have! I was told to go round to the ward for an examination and then told after that that I would be staying for induction. So be aware if you do go over you will be kept the next time you go in, they don't like you to go over too far here.You do have to ask questions, if you don't they won't tell you anything, but the midwives have no problem answering your questions. I was settled into a bed and then had to ask exactly what was going to happen.I was given a gel at midnight and then put on a drip to induce at 7am the next morning. I had my baby at 7pm that evening with a lot of help from the lovely midwives (Christina and Marcia are both fabulous!) The aftercare was great, although if you do want anything you do have to ask, otherwise they just leave you to get on with it. Baby was kept in the nursery for the first night to allow me to recover, the next day they brought her to me and I kept her by me for the rest of my stay. You will be in for 5 days from the birth, they don't let you out any sooner. Visiting hours are quite lax, they say 12-1 and 5-7 but my husband could be with me from 9am till 9pm and no-one bothered.
I read/heard a lot of rumours before going in the general, like them not giving pain relief and not speaking english to you even though they can. It was all rubbish, I was given pain relief when I needed it, I was numbed to be stitched and they all spoke english to me. The only one that was true is that no-one is allowed to go into the delivery room with you, my husband was with me for my whole labour up until the delivery room, but by that point you really don't care! In fact they where all very lovely with me and my baby.
I would certainly not hesitate to give birth there again in the future.
P.s. the thursday scans are the screening scans hence you won't be given a picture then. If you ask on a tuesday scan they will usually give you one.If you want to know anymore about the general you can email me, I'll be happy to answer any questions for you. mjay666@gmail.com