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santamarina retreat

Posted by helsbells - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by Relocating - 9 years ago

Smudger, if your son had had food poisoning from the dodgy rice it would certainly not have been "later that week" it would have definitely been within hours if not sooner. Bacillius cereus ( from rice & cereals) is one of the most dangerous food for bacteria (toxins) if not reheated or cooled properly. The spores can survive even if reheated. Bacillus cereus can cause severe food poisoning The form that produces diarrhoea is accompanied by symptoms that are virtually indistinguishable from those caused by other bacteria. (Clostridium Perfingensor botulism as it is more commonly known).The affected person experiences abdominal cramps and severe watery diarrhoea within about 6-10 hours of eating the contaminated rice. Vomiting occasionally but rarely occurs but the diarrhoea carries on between 1 and 2 days.

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Posted by helsbells - 9 years ago

Well ....not impressed ..one visit is more than enough to know its not as is advertised.

Is a shame the stables have not changed in 18yrs. ( i used to work there!)

The reception staff looked & sounded bored ...

The Noah's petting zoo is sad ,potbellied pigs without the potbelllys a few geese and some i think rabbits , hiding away in the little shade they had..you can see the workers washing tho.....

Poteas fish feeding point........wasnt worth the effort to get down there ,the ground is very thick like sand on the beach and no effort has been made to put some steps or even a few wooden crates at the so called feeding point so u can see the fish as fish dont normally jump on to dry land ;) the small opening in the tall grass just shows the lack of effort put into this place. The drop down at the sides on the way down is very dangerous.

The museum ..please! ha ha ...watch u dont miss it! and becareful u dont fall over the horse shoes put ON TOP of the floor!

The 15 min horse ride for 12 euros was enjoyed by my middle son...just a shame the staff seemed to busy talking with each other . I had to ask the name of the horse etc...not a very friendly bunch.

The archery for 30 min for 14 euros was enjoyed by my eldest ....we r still working out if the boy who was doing the tuition is English , American , Australian or other as he didnt really speak to us or my son, oh and he was standing behind my son, so my son had to keep putting the bow down to look back at him to see what to do! and if u break any arrows they want 7 euros ! also if u hire a mountain bike and u get a flat they want 5.50 euros!

The place is not ideal for children under 12yrs. My youngest got bored after one hour on the play ground..And pushing him in the pushchair was not easy on the walks to the pond.

prices for food and drink are ok not more than u would spend on the beach.The views from the cafe are nice. The rest of the activites we didnt bother with so i wont say anything on those...

At the end of the day ( or 2 hrs) my 2 boys got to try something new and THEY enjoyed that..its worth to go even just for a coffee as the entrance is only 3 euros each over 16yrs ..

It is a matter of personal opinon ..i always try something once...

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Posted by helsbells - 9 years ago

Thankyou all for your replys.

We are going to give it a try. I am a bit worried about the cost as i have 3 children with ages from 2 yrs - 16 yrs. As Steffnixon says its a matter of personal opinion..

Will let u know how it goes..


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Posted by steffnixon - 9 years ago

i have been before with my 2 preschool sons. They enjoyed the playground, the cafe lunch was lovely and it is in a nice setting. However I feel that if you were to go with older children the cost could fairly run up - the activities are all extra and as children get older of course they want to try everything.

I suppose like all things it is a matter of personal opinion.

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Posted by Yoshik - 9 years ago


As I said in my post I have had no issues with this establishment and I would feel that you comments, although couched in careful terms, do point a finger in an unwise direction.

The establishment has been used on a number of times by my church for gatherings, and I have held private meetings there to as it is only 10 minutes from my home. One visit does not allow one to pass judgment and multiple do.

As I say I have no personal interest but will defend a reputation where appropriate.

In respect of cost this is Cyprus and all prices are thus relative.

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Posted by smudgertompkins - 9 years ago

Personally, no. The place is advertised as more than it actually is. We had buffet on the sunday and was overpriced and not that good. Not to mention, the following day my wife and son were both ill ending with my son entering hospital later that week with food poisoning. Thats not saying that it was from here, but the only time they ate something different from me was at that place and they had the rice from the buffet. We were told at the hospital that reheated rice can cause this if not piping hot.

My thoughts are take a lot of money if you want to have an activity packed day.

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Posted by helsbells - 9 years ago

Thankyou Yoshik for your reply..


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Posted by Yoshik - 9 years ago

The food is first class, the entertainment equally as good and for Cyprus all is moderately priced.

I have no interest in the establishment but highly recommend.