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Urgent midwife's advice needed

Posted by Linze-670802 - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by zoopigi-664038 - 8 years ago

I know this is a little late for you- i hope your delivery went ok? but i wanted to say that they DO sweep the membranes here- my doctor did it at my 38 week examination (and i delivered not 24 hours later).

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Posted by goksel102 - 8 years ago

have a hot bath will help

wish you all the best

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Posted by linze1 - 8 years ago

Originally they were going to leave me until saturday but bp was up again at antinatal, so maybe thats the reason, they dont sweep the membranes or use the gel here, it's straight on the drip, I was also induced last year, and hoped I would go naturally this year. X

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Posted by toothfairy-706969 - 8 years ago

Apparently fresh pineapple and very hot curries are meant to help you on your way and so is very good sex :) but this stage bet you're not in the mood for any of that lol

In the UK, they allow you in certain hospitals to go 10- 14 days past your due date, any chance you can persuade them to let you go a little bit longer or maybe ask them to give you a membrane sweep to see if that will get you going without being induced.... it worked with my first one :)

Whatever happens tho, the very best of luck to you xxxx

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Posted by shopaholic-670119 - 8 years ago

Hi, have you thought about getting a second opinion from another Doctor?

Are you using a private clinic or the hospital?

I had my first child by emergency caesarian as I had very high blood pressure, but my second child delivered normally a week overdue, but was not told to induce labour.

I used a private clinic , this is of course going back many years now, so don't know if opinions of Doctor's have changed or ofcourse your circumstances might be different to mine.

In any case try not to worry ( not good for your blood pressure ) and I am sure all will be well. Good luck.

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Posted by Linze-670802 - 8 years ago

Thanks for the reply,
I am not being induced by choice, as if it was left to me I would wait to go into labour naturally, as I think induction is bad, as it is not natural, and causes the baby distress, I just wanted to know if there was anything likely to help me go into labour on my own tonight before they induce tomorrow.

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Posted by Kat0701 - 8 years ago

Im so sorry im not a midwife in order to advise you better, but i think being induced is not a good idea, as my sister in law did that, and then had to have an emergency ceasarian. Speaking as someone who has also had an emergency ceasarian, i think its best if you plan one so it works out more smoothly, as i was going for a natural birth, then spent 8 hours in labour after my waters broke until they realised that the bb was never going to come out naturally. Please dont panic, im sure you will be fine, good luck!