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Wanted info on private schools in peyia

Posted by liam13 - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by Kancol - 8 years ago

I can highly recommend THE LEARNING CENTRE in Peyia as i have helped out in classes there & i am also joining the team in September to work as a Teaching Assistant, a lovely small school with very happy children, & Chris & Jill are very nice people.

Good luck


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Posted by Alexi-719026 - 8 years ago

Small schools and institutes here and in the UK offer a complementary service that potentially could see places working collaboratively in the best interests of children and young people. These small educational establishments offer choice to parents and students and there are sufficient youngsters to fill them, the larger schools, and the state schools if left to survive. For sure, if education becomes a battle ground people will leave the island and every school, particularly the international ones, will suffer.
Imagine a scenario where all the parents become vocal about why they want choice. Some will say they prefer a small school. Some will have reason to share their reasons why the big schools arent for their children. Whose heads are most likely to roll if all those not in attendance at the large establishments decide to tell their stories? Schools are for children and they should never become pawns, falling prey to someone's fear of competition.

The Ministry provides support and documentation to guide anyone who wants to open a small educational establishment, but reasonably, it also has a duty to ensure the safety and educational benefits to students through regulation. In a European community, free trade and free movement are not only desirable but they are supported by the law and it's incumbent upon the authorities to support the emerging provision of viable alternatives so that parents and young people have choice. It is clear that the alternative will simply turn people away from Cyprus, thereby ending the opportunity for families to live here with small children. In the end, everyone will suffer irrespective of whether or not they have young children. It's obvious.
A rough estimate suggests that in the Peyia/Chloraka area alone, parents of young children attending small educational establishments inject 2 million euros into the economy every year, not to mention the many local people who benefit from rents and of course the financial gains for the municipality.
Lets all be optimistic about the future of education here, and lets all stand firm for the right to choose where our youngsters go for their education.

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Posted by katedem - 8 years ago


In addition to the 2 schools mentioned in peyia, EPEC in Emba is well worth a look for the enthusiasm they have for teaching and developing pupils as individuals.


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Posted by toby-699613 - 8 years ago

nice website david-thank you

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Posted by DaveLewis - 8 years ago

There's also one in Emba which isn't far from Peyia they have a website www.epeceducation.com

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Posted by samantha Hogben - 8 years ago

My children are at the Learning Centre in Peyia and i have to say i am very happy but more importantly so are the kids. The teachers are great and very helpful. The school is small but very personal, i highly recommend them. you could give Chris or Jill a call on 96349273.



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Posted by babymumma - 8 years ago

There's also The Learning Centre in Peyia village they've just opened but seem really good!

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Posted by liam13 - 8 years ago


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Posted by thelma-703801 - 8 years ago

There is St Georges at Peyia sea caves run by Tony Franklin it is new but when I visited it the children seemed very happy and the staff very friendly. The email is info@stgeorge-cyprus.com or 26-343744