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Water Birth

Posted by USFSailgirl - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by Debs21 - 5 years ago

I am a uk registered midwife now living here in Cyprus and am co-founder of birthwisecyprus.org. We aim to offer support the woman and her partner throughout pregnancy,birth and beyond. Everyone has the choice for the birth of her choice, but this depends  on medical factors too. Many times a c-section is required but more often than not it is not necessary but opted for either through personal choice  or possibly advice of the doctor.. If you have a un complicated pregnancy then there is nothing to say the birth wont be uncomplicated too, the requirement is to have someone present at any birth that if the signs that things are not quite going to plan advice can be given. We fully support the choice of the woman and offer consultations in the comfort of your own home. We offer support at birth too. If you reguire further information please do not hesitate me or via our website or facebook page.

Debbie (birthwisecyprus.org)

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Posted by DreamCatcher Beds - 5 years ago

Oh of course! How to give birth is a matter of preference. 

Medical interventions like C-sections have saved mothers and babies in 'emergency situations' which wouldn't have survived otherwise. 

However, the cultural conditioning associated with the birthing process is far more prominent in our life than we are consciously aware! 

The 'new' knowledge about birth is out there, however it is hard to digest because of cultural conditioning! 

We need to heal our own fears associated with birth before giving birth ourselves. Start connecting and trusting our own body! Once we do that we can allow new knowledge to come through! Knowledge which is in fact as old as the beginning of times! We are able to give birth! As long as we allow the physiological process of labour to occur! It is a very easy to disturb process and therefore requires the right conditions! 

No one should critisise women for their options! As long as they are well informed then, the birth process is absolutely a personal choice! 

 There is no debate though that all women need to have someone who they can trust, someone that makes them feel safe and this is what I am dedicated to offer as all women deserve it! 

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Posted by journo-666338 - 5 years ago

I think the problem here is that a 'woman's right to choice', a concept which I am sure every pregnant woman/family supports, means different things to different people.

To some, it means the chance to opt for a home birth, water birth, darkened  quiet environment etc. However to other women it means 'whatever is totally pain free and easiest for the mother'. Which is why there are many women (not just in Cyprus) who think that an elective Caesarian means a no-pain, no effort, all-gain birth. And is a preferable option to an Epidural.

[They may feel differently recovering from a Caesarian].

Our children were born 100% naturally, with no drug intervention of any description. However there were no medical emergencies either.

Those who only have live babies because of emergency C-sections obviously don't want to be regarded as second-class citizens because of that intervention.

I suppose in many ways, the debate dichotemy is no different to that over breastfeeding.



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Posted by DreamCatcher Beds - 5 years ago


Really happy to see that women are interested in 'alternative' ways of giving birth! 

I am a doula, recently came back to Cyprus from the UK after a course with Dr Michel Odent. He is a gaenaecologist, author, lecturer... I am highly inspired by his work and now actively promoting natural birth - the ability that our body has to give birth, the transformation that occurs inside every woman after a possitive birth experience!. 

I am not sure if you are aware of the term 'doula' (it sounds weird calling your self a doula in greek :)). Doulas support women and their families during pregnancy, childbirth and early parenthood. This support is practical and emotional but non-medical in nature. Doula is someone, who the couple - new parents can trust and how 'can provide peace and security' to the woman in labour.

My number is 99555835 if you are interested to find more about me, my role and why a doula is an important companion during birth, please contact me!

I wish you have a plesant birth


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Posted by grifoonic - 5 years ago

Hi Sylwia,

You should check Dr. Marios Liasides Clinic in Limassol. Girls were talking he is going in that direction.


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Posted by sylgru_melba - 5 years ago


I know that post it is quit old but I would like to ask about giving a birth in water. I'm in Paphos and I would like to give a birth in that way. Do you know any place where they do it? I'm looking for also gynecologist WOMAN in Paphos or Limassol, also would be gratefull for any information.


Thank you 


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Posted by dlewis-676852 - 6 years ago

Well all I can say is here here Sue!! Its about time Cyprus moved into the 21st century regarding child birth. Its so medicalised. I am so tired of this aged expression "well this is Cyprus"! Its about time that we stood up and demanded that the system change, these are well educated healthcare professional we are dealing with yet the minute they step back into Cyprus from whichever country they have trained in their minds go back in time. Either that or they have been allowed to have the arrogance of a god like status for so long as no one stands up to them its gone to their heads.

The nurses have the ability to be kind and caring but mostly choose not to, and also I am forgetting the fact you need to have mind reading abilitys to negotiate the whole giving birth in Cyprus as no body will tell you anything unless you constantly ask also most will tell you in greek so if you dont speak it you are stuffed, and before anyone starts ranting on about well you live in Cyprus you should learn the language, yes i agree but firstly you would have to be learning greek for a very long time to speak fluent medical jargon and as you cant plan your pregnancy around your greek lessons it can be some what difficult and secondly in the uk if someone is relly struggling to understand then an interpretor is used.

I find it ridiculous that your husband can be with you until you are ready to push then at that point you are wheled away to another room and have to go it alone! I also understand that episiostomys are standard here which I find awful and unecessary. i am not saying that you cant have a positive birth exerience in Cyprus it would just be nice to have more choice when it comes to something so personal

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Posted by sue clay - 6 years ago

Hi Achilleas, I think everyone would agree with you that C Sections can be life - savers, however it is well documented (and also there is lots of anecdotal evidence) that Cyprus has one of the highest (if not the highest CS rate in the world)... the reasons given for this are often spurious, contrary to best research evidence, - and quite frankly amazing at times!
When there is SO much evidence based research out there to show the things that are beneficial to women and babies it seems a such a shame that some doctors here flatly refuse to acknowledge and accept these findings.Over 50 years ago The National Childbirth Trust (Europe's largest parenting charity) campaigned for partners to be present at the birth to support the women, for women to have the birth of their choice, to avoid unnecessary inductions and sections, to have mobility through the birth process as (so physiologically beneficial to mother and baby) - not to give birth flat on their back on a bed, to be able to eat and drink throughout labour (this reduces the CS rate from exhaustion....), not to be constantly monitored and wired up as this increases the intervention rate.... to have their baby at home if that is what they prefer, for babies NOT to be taken away from mum after birth and certainly not to be fed formula / sugar water without consent....etc etc I could go on....
Women want choice, continuity and control through their pregnancies and a positive / empowering birth experience - they won't do it often!
Cyprus is now part of Europe and needs forward thinking doctors who are pro - WOMEN'S choice... there are some out there, we just need lots more! see www.birthwisecyprus.org Sue

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Posted by achilleas - 6 years ago

Most doctors will do what is good for the mother - my 1st and 3rd were natural and the 2nd started off natural as well until there were complications and an immediate c-section was done - thankfully the doctor was quick and the baby was saved.
Water births are not common in Cyprus, but that does not make the system here bad. In time, there might be doctors that will give you the option of a water birth, but you cannot insist or demand just because it is available in another country. Those are the rules in Cyprus and you have to follow them.
I don't think it is bad - on the contrary, I think the mother should have the childbirth that she wants, but when a country has not been used to having water births, then you cannot be angry, upset or demand you have one just because you want to when the doctors have never done one or it is not generally allowed.

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Posted by American 77 - 6 years ago


Where are you located? I'm looking for a midwife near Paphos. I've heard that most doctors in Cyprus deliver via C Section whether you need it or not and that terrifies me.

Thank you!