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What to do with sick toddlers and daycare

Posted by chussita - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by sweethoneybums - 8 years ago

Whenever my son is sick I take unpaid leave off. Unfortunately these things happen and your employer should understand this.

There is no other way than to stay home and look after your sick child. xx

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Posted by kellyhenshaw - 8 years ago

Hello Maria,

I will be living near Germasoiya from the end of march with my husband and 2 children.

I have previously been a foster carer for children for 4 years and currently work in a nursery until we move to Cyprus. I have my own children aged 6 and 10.

My intention when moving to Cyprus is to childmind, so if you want to drop me an email its kelly.henshaw@hotmail.com We are from the UK and i have many child care certificates.

Thanks kelly.

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Posted by easycleanchris - 9 years ago


According to new law, in line with EU law, you are allowed unpaid leave to look after a sick child - I think a max of 4 months (total) over 6 years. Each parent is allowed this. Perhaps you need to check with ministry of labour for more info.

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Posted by chussita - 9 years ago

Thanks for the tip!!
I went to the pharmacy and they have given me some herbal mixture that is suppose to boost the immune system of children from 0 to 3 years... I do not think it will make a huge difference but why not trying...

Anyway I would like to know some babysitter for the morning time. If you can recommend somebody and she lives near Potamos Germasogia... I will be very happy.



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Posted by JMC-684723 - 9 years ago

Hi Maria,

How old is your child? Ideally, instead of saying to your boss that your child is ill, say that you are ill. You will not be paid for the first 3 days off (I think) but at least you will not lose your holidays! Get an immune-system booster from the pharmacy to help strengthen you childs immunity to every single cough and cold that circulates. Ask your pharmacist to recommend you something that is suitable to your child's age. This time of year as the weather changes is always tricky when it comes to children and day care. I know someone who does babysitting mornings/afternoons or evenings so if things really get difficult with work you could always give her a call and see if she would come and mind your child at home for you.

It must be hard being here alone and without family. I know a few people who are in your situation.

Don't dispair!!