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Advice needed re: tenant not paying rent

Posted by Tricky-674129 - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by Elizabeth-Olivia-901963 - 2 years ago

Hi I was just wondering if anyone could help with a tenant that doesn't pay rent in Cyprus?

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Posted by nits 51 - 4 years ago

Hi the best thing to do is go to the police,and ask them to help you,and if the electric,and water is in his name,be very carefull,about turning it off,because he cantake you to court for it,the police is the best thing,I know this because it happened to my daughter,the police will get in contact with him,and if they do not responed.then they will tell you what to do.because if the police cant help you they will recomened to take him to court,just excplain what has happened.please dont do anything with out notifying the police first.I hope that helps you.regards nits.

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Posted by papa43 - 4 years ago

I don't know any cmpany in Cyprus evicting tenants who don't pay. But maybe you can pay a ''security company/service'' in Cyprus (like private label police..) and take the tenants things out while he is away.

Now with police, here in Cyprus its not leading anywhere. The police doesnt care at all, they just point out your faults and how much its your problem and your lawyers problem. 

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Posted by boston-963162 - 5 years ago


Thank you for your reply.


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Posted by boston-963162 - 5 years ago

Thank you for your reply but I have not been able to find any contact for bigbrothersand friends after google search. Once we have had our next court date in a few weeks I will post all the circumstances about this farce and name the people who are renting our villa and stealing from us so that nobody else can fall into this situation. I will also post the law firm who arranged this contract if it can be called that and the court case number.

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Posted by PPREMA - 5 years ago


i am very sorry to hear about your troubles to evicts non paying tenants.

what happened in my case is that the agency went to the electrics board to cut the electric ( i had to pay the 0ver 600 euros bill) and they accepted to cut. And the day after the bulgarian couple were gone. they even left a starving dog in the garden.

i did not get the help of eny evicting company. so the only thing you can do is cut off electrics even if this is not very legal either.

i hope it will help,













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Posted by wasntme-899527 - 5 years ago

I am at aloss reading this thread, living in "your" house without paying rent and using "your" electric and services without paying is just another form of basic theft!

I though a contract was TWO sided, it should protect the landlord and protect the tennant, but I asumme a contract is a contract if ither party breach the contract then its quite simple, the contract has been breached!!

Use the local Cyriot company bigbrothersandfriends.com, I have seen it in action and it works.

Good luck



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Posted by boston-963162 - 5 years ago



Did you ever get the name of the company which evicts non paying tenants we have the same problem if so could you supply it please.

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Posted by boston-963162 - 5 years ago

Can anyone please supply me with a company in Cyprus who evicts non paying tenants. We entered into a legal contract with a law firm in Pafhos but the tenant now owes 16000 euros in back rent. We have been to court on two occasions and are just being given the run around by the courts nothing ever gets done with one adjournment after another.The irony of it is we paid 2500 euros for a contract not worth the paper it is written on.

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Posted by PPREMA - 8 years ago


can you please give me the details of this company you used from the UK to evict tenants in Cyprus?

I have a similar problem with tenant not paying since march and agency cannot evict them directly and even

unable to speak to them face to face.

Please give me they contact numbers, emails and so on. I also live in the UK and cannot really go to Cyrpus right now.

Besides like you I am a woman and never know who I would be dealing with,


Patricia Troncin