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Any legal boffs on alcotesting law?

Posted by Mystic - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by journo-666338 - 9 years ago

Mystic, are you questioning the legality of the test being made in a car park? Or that it was by the side of the road?

In the UK that would definitely be within the law (eg at a checkpoint or in a pub car park). As far as I'm aware similar procedures are specified in Cyprus.

I believe you will find that in the UK the police can now stop any vehicle on a road or in 'a public place' at their discretion, without giving a reason, and without an obvious 'offence' having been committed. They can ask if the driver has been drinking and if the answer is 'yes' they can require/administer a breathalyser test.

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Posted by catmeister212 - 9 years ago

also it is in the saftey of the police officer that the person stays in the car with their hands in full view (eg. on the steering wheel) for the officer to observe. This is a procedure done everywhere.

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Posted by catmeister212 - 9 years ago

This was done at the entrance of a public car park. It wasnt on the middle lane of a busy highway. You are probably more upset that the alcotest was done while surrounded by people who were coming and going, which is why you are trying to find a loop hole in the system that frankly does not exist.

By the way, unless a car is blocking oncoming traffic on the street it is not considered illegal to block a carpark. For example, if a car is blocking the car park of Limassol molos (which belongs to the municipality) and you phone the police to report the car, the police will tell you, that unless the car is stuck in the middle of a road, they cannot do anything about it.

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Posted by VinnyC-673555 - 9 years ago

Hi Mystic,

I understand your annoyed at the manner and professionalism, Hey what's new?

Difficult to see what's going on within the Police Department but could it be number crunching for parliamentary and EU returns? Number of drivers, pro-rata testing, = % guilty. Another EU table? (Manipulating data!)

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Posted by achilleas - 9 years ago

What is there to know about an alcotest - you blow into the straw (3 seconds or more) and if you have been drinking you are nicked, else you are free to go.The status of the car does not affect the test nor would the person getting out and standing.

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Posted by Spanner-666908 - 9 years ago

Why are you bothered, unless you got nicked?