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Anyone had luck with home based business?

Posted by cyprustk - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by ifranky - 9 years ago

I do. I work from home and thanks to this I am able to move to Cyprus in the next weeks and work from the sunny patio instead of looking outside of the window at a grey, rainy court yard in bright North-West England.
I manage a network of sites and we publish content. Lots of content. It pays the bills and is somehow a 'home based business'.
Indeed most of these jobs you see advertised are based on pyramid systems (even all the Aloe Vera ones). They are not worth it, but if you can write compelling content or have other interesting skills to publish online (such as video editing, sound editing, design skills), one can actually make a nice buck online. No matter what online business you take on, it's similar to starting a 'real' business: for at least 6 months, probably 18-24 months, you will work many countless hours and only the will to succeed and consistency will keep you alive. Earnings in the first stage will be limited and I can not emphasise it enough: do not quit your job yet!
If you can write, and want to enter the harsh, often lowly paid international open market, try platforms such as oDesk or start a blog about your favourite subject. There is lots of information freely available and you do not need to be the next Shakespeare to be successful online (I'm the best example of this). But it surely won't be easy and if you were to ever discover the '4 Hour Week' site, note that the podcast itself 8 hours long is.
I also do know the guy behind the 4 hour week, trust me when I tell you that over the last years he averaged more than 60 hrs/week.

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Posted by Spanner-666908 - 9 years ago

Forget it! They are almost all scams of one description or another.