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Building zone changes

Posted by harrisp - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by catmeister212 - 9 years ago


not sure where your land is but if your land is in Akrotiri or any other land under British sovereignty then you have to get written persmission to build from the British bases as the Cypriot authorities do not have much jurisdiction on this land.

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Posted by Pavlos1 - 9 years ago

Has anyone heard about the zone changes in Moutayiaka, apparently it is overdue and will be occurring by January. How can I find out if it’s changed yet, and where the new zone is located?

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Posted by Antonis - 9 years ago

Only one house? Oh no! I was planning on buying a 5000 sq m 50% build and buying two houses of 200 sq meters each.

What if someone buys two pieces of land, like 2000 sq each but are joined, can you build two houses next to each other then?

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Posted by achilleas - 9 years ago

From experience and as far as I know ....
1. Yes, agricultural land only 1 house per plot
2. The local municipality in coordination with land registry
3. You have to ask - sometimes, like where I live, the local community is informed of a meeting where the new percentages, etc., are detailed
4. When they decide that the land is now in a residential zone
5. if agricultural, then then 2 divided pieces must be over 5 acres each. If residential, you can split it up into building plots - you have to leave an area of "green"
hope this helps

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Posted by pav - 9 years ago

a local architect will give you all the answers you require.