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Customs duties for buying things from USA

Posted by jackofspades - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by Marina-665922 - 9 years ago


I order many things from e-beay ( from USA, Germany, Hong Kong, UK) and never i dont have eny problems....amaount what is custom free its something 120-150 euro ( i dont remember the correct amaount). I have it alredy like sick....atlest 1 time per month i most order something :))

this song its exactly like about me: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HYokLWfqbaU


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Posted by vickiharrison - 9 years ago

i have imported childrens clothes from usa the duty is12% +15% vat on total cost including shipping regards vicki

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Posted by athosonline - 9 years ago

Take this from a guys who spends a few thousand per year ordering from multiple on line sites including ebay per year!.
If the seller is willing to label the shipment as a gift or promotion then you will NOT pay any taxes. Most small time ebay sellers do that anyway without even you asking for it. They advertise it right on ebay sometimes. If you buy from a big company like amazon. They will label it as bought goods and you will pay import tax. Nowadays you can find most staff at similar prices in stores in Cyprus, or at the very least on European web sites. So personally, I've reduced my us orders. However, if you can't help but going the ebay way, then find a seller that will label thinks as a gift, and it will be free for you.

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Posted by jackofspades - 9 years ago

What do you mean by low-value ? is there some set values below of which you don't pay customs fees ?

Another problem I'm thinking of (a friend was telling me about this) is that for example if I buy something that's discounted and i get it lets say for 50$ but it's original retail value would be 150-200$, when it gets thru customs, will they consider only the value written on the package or also the retail value as they have for goods in their databases ??

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Posted by journo-666338 - 9 years ago

Low-value goods from the US are not a problem and don't attract duty; higher-value goods from the US do attract customs duty.

However the main issue is that US postal rates are excessively high so you get a much better overall deal if you order from another country. Coupled with the fact that many ebay sellers from the US only ship within the US and of the remainder, painfully few have any idea of where Cyprus is - or refuse to post here!

You're better off finding an alternative source.

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Posted by johnbeeks - 9 years ago

I regularly order things from the States and in fact my oldest daughter just sent a big box of goodies to her siblings for Christmas from the US. Passed through customs without any charges. My wife (she's Cypriot I'm not) collects the packages and has got to know the people at the post office so that helps. If it's a small package they will just put it in your mailbox. Even with the shipping and taxes I find it's cheaper than paying the exorbitant prices in Cyprus. If I could just figure out how to get a Corvette by customs now......

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Posted by Graham S - 9 years ago

I've had books & DVDs from Amazon USA and small items via eBay and never been charged any duty. The only time I've had to go & collect a parcel & pay duty it was coming from Japan. Maybe I've just been lucky - it does seem to be a bit of a game of chance!


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Posted by Anna007 - 9 years ago

I have ordered things from the USA via ebay and Amazon and have never had any problems. The customs have every right just as in any other country to open your parcel but in Cyprus they have usually been honest and considerate.
In fact I have had more damages from the UK than USA but I always inform the seller where I live and they write lower value with Gift so it tends not to be opened.
Good Luck,we all need a bargain!!

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Posted by jackofspades - 9 years ago

Thanks for the replies..

I was thinking of ordering few small things, watch, other accesories...from ebay...what if the seller (bought from him before while in UK) writes a smaller value on the package than it actually is ? Anyway, the value of the things I want to buy are probably around 100$-that's about 70 euro but the seller will definitely write 50 or 40 $ value on the packet if I ask him to..

You think customs will actually recalculate the value of the things and charge accordingly ? Do they have the right to do that ?

P.S. Earlier this summer I've had hard drive problems and ordered a new HDD the value was about 70 Euro but I told the seller to write 45 Euro or less..which he did, he wrote 40 Euro value, the post office didn't say anything about that, just handed me the package..

Also , another question, what about the packets labelled as "gifts" ?? How do they calculate the values on those ?

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Posted by stellaluna-664983 - 9 years ago

There is no duty on items bought from an EU country, as Cyprus is one. Goods from the US are suject to duty. I send my Cypriot husband to collect such things for me. Sometimes he has to pay duty, sometimes not. I would never pick them up myself.