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Cyprus Pink-Slip

Posted by S2xC - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by S2xC - 9 years ago

Well we are from Moldova it's not in Europe,and by the way my step-father isn't Cypriot he's from libanon,but he lived 20 years in Greece and he got Greece passport.The number you gave me 22878181 is of human rights organization?

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Posted by 5alive - 9 years ago

Hi there, I really feel for your situation. What is your original nationality as this makes a big difference. If your mom is working she could possibly apply for a residency but agin this depends on the nationality, you need to both go to immigration and explain the situation but the response will depend on whether your lucky enough to be greeted by a sympathetic employee. I'm not sure of the exact facts but I know that the Cyprus immigration law means when a foriegn national marries a Cypriot they earn residency rights, when they divorce they loose these rights and immigration have the right to deport you. Do not let it get this far as by this stage it becomes very difficult. I would contact Kisa in NIcosia they are a human rights organisation and give free advice and are very helpful speak to Fatema 22878181 best of luck to you.