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developer vanished and no title deeds yet

Posted by emba - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by emba - 8 years ago

Yup he is going through the courts, he has a sale agreement/ receipts of payment etc etc at the land registry, the developer in question owes local taxes for other projects as well as the property in question and until these are paid they cannot release title deeds, so the buyer is trapped....

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Posted by Nigel Howarth - 8 years ago

Hi emba,

It sounds as if your friend has a rubbish solicitor!!!!!

I suggest that your friend finds one with some brains and instruct them to ask the court to appoint and authorise another suitable person to sign documents and do whatever is necessary for a separate Title Deed to be issued.


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Posted by emba - 8 years ago

thanks for the reply, my friend is very stressed, I have some knowledge that the developer in question is good but seems to have fallen back on his payments to bank due the fact that is customers have fallen back on payments to him in the first place, mess....still no excuse for this...

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Posted by johnners-660966 - 8 years ago

Hello Emba,

Sound advice from Spanner but I wouldn't wait for the solicitor to follow this up and report back it needs to be attacked from as many angles as possible, amongst other things, your friend needs to contact the Land Registry too.

Also point your friend along to Nigel Howarth's website http://www.cyprus-property-buyers.com/ for some good solid advice.


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Posted by emba - 8 years ago

thanks for quick reply, much appreciated

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Posted by Spanner-666908 - 8 years ago

Your friend should go back to his solicitor and ask him if he did the correct checks for a mortgage on the property and then registered the sales contract with the Land Registry. If he didn't you friend can sue the solicitor, it did happen recently and the couple who sued won compensation from the solicitor because he hadn't done his job properly.