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EAC-Is it burglary?

Posted by crowbar-694530 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by raimie - 9 years ago

They say Dick Turpin wore a mask! - they say a 1.5% hike! This corresponds to an increase of the fixed part of my bill [ also charged from November 09 ] of almost 40%. That is what we have to pay in cash - 40% more - nothing to do with the units used. If I work it out at the last bill's charges the amount to pay is 40% less. I am on Tariff 5 which I think is the normal one. I will be going to ask about this.

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Posted by Miguel-661697 - 9 years ago


If you look at the 'Home and Garden' section under 'Local Discussions' you'll find the topic you were looking for.

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Posted by Spanner-666908 - 9 years ago

The price for electricity did not increase by 40% from 1st January. There was a 1.5% hike, but according to this article in the Cyprus Mail the price will now be reduced by 1%.


When I have had problems with the Electricity Authority in the past, they have always been most helpful and accommodating.

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Posted by Tricky-674129 - 9 years ago

Cyprus electricity board have been fined by the EU ........ guess who has to pay... yes you and I "the consumer " you are wasting your time and raising your blood pressure trying to complain about anything.

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Posted by achilleas - 9 years ago

If it is something you feel so strongly about, then I would consult with the citizens advice bureaus and also speak to a lawyer - they will be able to get an answer for you.