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Emigrating to Cyprus

Posted by Yoshik - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by Yoshik - 9 years ago


Thanks for the link which which is indeed very lucid and helpful.

I am a UK citizen and my wife a Russian national. We have no problems in confirming the existence of our marriage as not being "one of convenience", as we are regular church attendees, and this will if. necc. be vouched for.

It appears that my wife qualifies for the 5 year residency so I trust we will have no insurmountable issues.

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Posted by Yoshik - 9 years ago

Thanks Dot and Tony.

I think I have all things covered in so far as we have a flat, I am a director of a Cyprus co. and my wife will work for the same co.

Although Russian because she is married to an EU citizen and working for a Cypriot co. I understand that if we register with the Immigration/Labour people we can have indefinite leave to stay.

If I am wrong please tell me.

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Posted by lime-676998 - 9 years ago

It depends specifics of your situation, but primarily upon the nationality that you have.

If you are not a EU national - what type of company are your employed at ('IBC'-equivalent or a general company - if IBC- equivalent, what position does your wife intend to occupy at the company (senior executive/manager or a general employee) and what is her salary (is it above or near 3500 per month or not)), has she ever obtained any temporary residence permits in Cyprus

If you are a EU national, read the following circular of CIBA which explains the procedure (under 'Application procedure'):


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Posted by gardner-664257 - 9 years ago

you will be fine in customs at the airport.

But once you are here and you need to register to be seen as working to pay your social stamp and /or taxes .

If you have any more queries just ask we know it's quite daunting when people only tell you some knowledge but leave you to guess the rest .

Best of luck with your move here

Dot and Tony

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Posted by PEDS111 - 9 years ago


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Posted by kciseddoh - 9 years ago


You don't need to show any documents apart from your passport.