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for house wifes just to share

Posted by michau - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by lime-676998 - 9 years ago

Just be rational. The situation is not likely to improve for some time, so it is a good time to review your monthly/annual expenditure. If you believe that you don't have an adequate amount of income for your family, think about finding a cheaper accommodation (ie overall cheaper - rent is just one of the factors that determines the overall cost of living in a particular area) and higher income employment. Personally, I would also suggest reviewing all other expenses as well - we ourselves have sold the second car (saves us quite a few hundreds of Euros annually on insurance/road taxes/petrol etc), reviewed our food spending (much more homecooking with grains and vegetables saves us surprisingly a lot), cut on the internet expenditure (we agreed with our neighbours to share one internet connection by means of wireless networking - saves everyone around 30 Euros monthly)... The present economical situation is also an interesting time to invest in low cost business initiatives - come up with a decent business idea that would save money for someone else and that you could dedicate 2-4 hours every day.