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Forced Overtime.

Posted by mallad71 - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by lime-676998 - 8 years ago

I agree with Yoshik with regard to the implied contract - under Cyprus law there is no need for a written contract of employment insofar as the employee is informed of all his rights and terms of employment. Overtime work is a more or less acceptable business practice and is not, per se, illegal - depends upon particular circumstances. To demand that all employees sign a new contract is also not, per se, illegal - it depends on circumstances and sometimes employee may be dismissed without compensation if he/she unreasonably refuses to sign it...

Unfortunately, in the present employment market, the employer is the party who has a stronger hand. If you are unwilling to quit and look for another job right now, the best course of action is to gather as much evidence of overtime work and unlawful variations of your terms of employment and then (if thing don't get better) to claim it all at once. Maybe it is worthwhile to visit your lawyer and ask more specific questions on your particular position and rights so that you would know what to look out for and how to behave.

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Posted by jackiemou@live.com - 8 years ago

may i suggest that you find another job. you will not win, your wasting your time .

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Posted by Yoshik - 8 years ago


There may be rules but following and enforcing them is where the problems begin.

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Posted by parkhomes - 8 years ago

hi there, your best bet is to go to the imigration office, there is rules and regulations for foreigners, who are able to work here. there are quiet helpful.

regards nits.

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Posted by georgiadis - 8 years ago

A frend of my wife worked in a very large 5* hotel and golf resort in Paphosand had many problems, she had a contract but was forced to sign any changes as the employer see fit. (reduced payetc..) ALL staff were threatened with dismissal if they refused to sign. Her frien was a contract manager for a very large company in UK and knows this to be illegal, but when she said it was wrong thry became quite nasty with her. She wrote to the general manager on 3 occasions but all letters were ignored.

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Posted by Yoshik - 8 years ago

In simple terms as you have been empolyed for 4 1/2 years in the same place a contract exists. It does not need to be in writing nor indeed signed, as the basic elements of the contract are implied i.e your pay, your holiday etc.

The statutory rights related to Labout Law here are bound into the implied contract.

However it is recommended that you do have a contract signed by both parties as sometimes ther are matters outside of the standard issues which should be confirmed contrcatually. The overriding difficulty here is that people tend on occassions to flout the law. This allows for people to become wary of their empoyers as once one has a job one wishes to retain it.

Nonetheless you should push for your legal reights i.e a contract and then you will know how the employer sees your position. At all costs avoid the Dept. of Labour as their intervention will be disputatious. I know as being an employer they have ruffled the feathers of both parties in a recent dispute.

Contact me by PM if you think I can help further.

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Posted by falcon-698521 - 8 years ago

Hi go to the Department of Laour Relations they may be able to help or go to www.mlsi.gov.cy/dlr

e-mail info@dlr.mlsi.gov.cy

good luck