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i need a legal advice, please

Posted by virgie - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by babymumma - 8 years ago

it depends what it says in his contract. A previous employer I worked for stated they would pay for an exams and studying I wanted to do while with them but if I resigned within a year of the exams I had to pay the company back.

You need to review the contract!

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Posted by virgie - 8 years ago

hi, thanks for the advice.

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Posted by iliaktida - 8 years ago

Hi Virgie,

Am not a lawyer but am in the field and pass in front of me cases similar. Briefly to tell you that they don't have the right to ask money back for a period of the actual contract as long as your husband has been working in this company. His resignation has nothing to do with that as long as he gave resignation letter. Is their problem if they accept it in normal way or verbally as you explain.

But If they payed him extras in advance including period after his resignation then yes they have the right to ask this amount back.
For more detailed info is better to visit a lawyer and the law firm will act in the behalf of your husband.