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Posted by nicolaoudavid - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by nicolaoudavid - 9 years ago

Thanks all for your advices. i think its a high risk to send lets say 100000 usd to that company. i think the safest investment are the banks. small interest but safe.

Universal bank in Cyprus gives 4.5 % per year with monthly paymentS is you want.

Do you know any bank in Cyprus that gives higher than 4.5% rinterest per year ?


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Posted by George Price - 9 years ago

Hi Nicolaoudavid,

In this day and age there is high risk even EU Sovereigns are under threat of being shunned by investors.

A very old adage to follow and not just in the financial markets is 'If it seems to good to be true - then it aint'

Therefore, you should 'take a tip from one who knows, and, tie your nightie to your toes'

Hope this helps


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Posted by DrTraveler - 9 years ago

key word: "up to" Do they also tell you the "losses down to"?
Based on my experience investing. If you have basic math skills and the will to read up on a couple of books you can do better than analysts so long as you stay on trading stocks ( not day trading, just going for long or mid term investments and stay well clear of futures)
Even if you like the idea of letting other people do the investing for your money, you can always get a broker that allows you to trade both equity and funds. This way you are not inly diversified by buying into a diversifies investment scheme, but also by diversifying your money into multiple investment schemes, so if one fails you won't loose everything. Plus in time you'll disvover that some stocks of big companies are better than funds since they are so diversified in what they do! (Take GE as an example )
I use internaxx, and would highly recommend it as a broker, however I am not sure if they allow transactions with Cyprus banks. I opened my account while leaving in another country. A friend of mine has UBS and he swears by it, but when I compared costs it was much more expensive. I did that years ago so that claim might be outdated....

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Posted by johnners-660966 - 9 years ago

Hi Nicolaoudavid,

You must seek independent financial advice on this, or any other company, and your proposed investment. Personally I'd get in touch with two or three advisors and get their views. I've never worked in the financial industry but when I was working full time in the UK I researched numerous banks and investment firms for various TV and radio programmes and it's a minefield if you don't get advice. I'd also post your question on a specialised financial website forum and see what answers you get. This is a US based company so all investments are likely to come under US trading laws so again even more important to contact a specialist in this area.

Just a quick look at their website would get me on the phone for more advice from thoses in the know. Their site says "NOT FDIC INSURED, NOT A BANK, MAY LOSE INVESTMENT, INVESTMENTS ARE NOT INSURED" Ok this doesn't mean you shouldn't invest but you must know the risks before you part with your cash. 13% return at this time is very good but note it is UP TO 13% you're not guaranteed 13%.