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Is there any law that says only EU

Posted by dayo - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by lime-676998 - 8 years ago

"only EU National" - and why should it bother you? Obviously, the ads mean people with right to work in Cyprus, so spouses are free to apply as well. The idea is to avoid having to review numerous applicants from third countries, because the employer knows that it is too difficult/expensive to get work permits for them and therefore prefer not to bother.

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Posted by dayo - 8 years ago

well yes maybe there seem to be shortage of jobs but what about the case where u been called for a job position and the first question is are u from EU or what about ads of jobs that always says only EU National?

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Posted by Dragon Warrior - 8 years ago

Has it occurred to you that maybe there is a shortage of jobs due to the crisis that stroke the whole world?  You are behaving like someone that is accusing somebody else of keeping a bunch of jobs in a large basket and not giving you one. Maybe there aren't any!

I know EU citizens looking for jobs unsuccessfully.  

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Posted by dayo - 8 years ago

Thanks for the reply but i don't think i was satisfied with the answer cause i know and i am talking according to experience that even the spouses of an Eu member who has the right to reside and work here in Cyprus are not given jobs and even if they are given then they are restricted to some kinds of jobs which is not the same in other big European countries like the UK, etc so why is Cyprus an exception?
and i think the employers should be more concerned about people who are hard working and ready to give their best in what they do and not be concerned about the nationality, color or what have u.

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Posted by pdobbo - 8 years ago

Only EU citizens (and spouses/civil partners etc) have an automatic right to reside and work in any EU country. Cyprus, like many other EU countries, only allows third-country nationals to work providing specific criteria have been met, ie the job vacancy cannot reasonably be filled by a EU national (live-in housemaids, farm labourers etc), or the job is so specialised/undersubscribed, that they have not found a suitably qualified EU candidate (the job must have been previously advertised with the Department of Labour etc).

Work permits are usually only issued for a specific position/employer, and if you leave that position, a new work permit has to be sought.

Until about 4 years before EU entry, it was extremely difficult for non-Cypriots to obtain work permits, I know personally of cases where non-Cypriots were deported for working without work permits. I doubt Immigration have now softened their stance on exactly who is allowed to work here in Cyprus.

Regards, P.