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Landlord problem

Posted by 99 - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by kazanddave - 8 years ago

do you have proof of rental payment.
if it was cash, he cant prove youve lived there, and i think the tax man may be interested, if was paid by cheque or through the bank you have proof of what you have paid

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Posted by baxi-666881 - 8 years ago

try the citizens advice they should help , otherwise move away , & have nothing to do with landlord .

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Posted by suntan - 8 years ago

Usually if someone asks about taking someone else to court they are told dont bother ,it takes years and its expensive. Maybe the ex landlord is bluffing. If you ignore him would it not take him ages and waste money pursuing the case ? He might give up.

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Posted by toothfairy-706969 - 8 years ago

Thanks 99 for posting question for me, got registered now :)

How would this hold up in a court? Have been sent a solicitors letter claiming 1000 euros in damage to the property and unpaid back rent!

The landlord in question was trying to sell the property without telling me but turning up unannounced with potential buyers to view the property, so I found somewhere else to live and didnt pay the last months rent as I had paid a deposit, I also did not give him any notice......I was soooo angry! BUT he is trying to claim over 3000 euros in unpaid rent!

The only damage I am aware of at the property, was damage from damp and black mould which I cleaned with bleach every few days. He was notified about this on several occasions and his solution was to paint over it, which obviously didn't solve the problem... we even showed him the damage this had caused to our personal possessions which we had to replace, at our own cost!

Now I have this letter threatening me with legal action if I dont pay and I dont know where I stand,
he is a Cypriot male and I am an expat female, but at this moment, I cant really afford to enlist a solicitor of my own

This was a verbal contract ( foolish, I know) which his solicitor states is legally binding.

Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks

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Posted by Kat0701 - 8 years ago

Poor old man

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Posted by emba - 8 years ago

alas you find that in Cyprus even written contracts are disregarded and ignored...I know personally an elderly gentlemen, who was renting out a store that he is the outright owner of, person who started up business closed down business as was not viable, tenant left with keys owing 5000 euros in unpaid rent, will not give keys back to this old man, and on top insists that the old man pays him 20,000 euros for so called 'aera' of store despite the fact that his time as a tenant has expired on contract....makes me sick, he has made moves to appoint a solicitor ......but the solicitor in question pulled away saying that the person is a known 'underworld' figure, shame great shame....

ps old man too afraid to break doors and change locks. police have said appoint another solicitor

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Posted by Spanner-666908 - 8 years ago

Not worth the paper its written on!

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Posted by sharon64 - 8 years ago

Remember though it cuts both ways...what you cant prove, neither can the landlord!

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Posted by danielhoward - 8 years ago

it's not. no proof, your word against theirs.