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Lawyers fees

Posted by Anne Marie-676876 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by Nigel Howarth - 9 years ago

Hi Ann Marie,

If you feel you've been charged excessively, you can complain to the Cyprus Bar Association:

Complaints the CBA may investigate:

The CBA may investigate complaints against advocates made by or on behalf of clients alleging:

1. Excessive fees.

Wherethe CBA receives a complaint from a client of an advocate that anadvocate has issued a bill of costs which they believe is excessive,the CBA can appoint the case to the appropriate body and they will votethe fees and the decision of the committee will be final and no courtor other body can dispute the outcome of the Extra Judicial Reward Committee.

Also an advocate can request the committee to access his/her fees, on a case and the client is obliged to obey the decision.

The CBA cannot deal with complaints that fall within the code of conduct. The appropriate body to deal with this category is the Disciplinary Board.

Ifa client or an advocate has a complaint about an advocate and his/herservices then he can apply to the Disciplinary Body to investigatehis/her complaint.

How do you file a complaint?

If you want to file a complaint then you should write a letter to the Disciplinary Board and send to their offices:

Disciplinary Board
1403 Nicosia

For every complaint filed, you pay 40 CYP fees to the Disciplinary Board.