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Max limit on import duty

Posted by Jean Ginn - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by Jean Ginn - 8 years ago

Thank you Tony for that information

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Posted by tonypp - 8 years ago

Hi, Anything from a non EU country is liable for duty over a value of 20 euro. The post office and customs charge approx 20%.

If the customs think something has been marked down in price from the sender they will ask you for your purchase invoice and charge you against that.

If something is carried in , Family to family, customs often see that as a gift but I don't think that will work in your case. So if your package is declared expect to pay 20%

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Posted by Jean Ginn - 8 years ago

Thanks for the info. I am having the voiles brought in by hand. I asked customs at the airport whether we would need to declare the goods but he didn't seem too sure himself. He said if the goods are under €400 then no need to declare, I was not convinced so thought I would double check on here.

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Posted by ellekonia - 8 years ago


I recently bought wedding favours from outside the EU and had to pay VAT on collection from the Post Office

However the assistant was most helpful. I would suggest that whoever you purchase from marks down the value on the paperwork that accompanies the goods and then your liability will be lower

Hope this helps