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Minimum wage

Posted by waggy-693514 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by Mystic - 9 years ago

Hi Waggy,

I have calculated your salary and deductions as per the current minimum wage and it doesn't quite tally up. Maybe you can ask your employer to clarify if he is paying you the current (as of 1st April 2010) minimum wage, and if he is making any other deductions apart from social insurance. There are 2 sets of minimum wage payable, one is for staff who have been in that job for over 6 months, there is another amount for staff who have been under 6 months. However, even if you were in the under 6 months bracket, and if you are in the category of job covered by the minimum wage, I still make it about 30 euros (ish) short of what it should be if your were on the lower minimum wage (i.e. you had been in that job less than 6 months). If you have a contract, see what it says in that. Try speaking to your employer, and if you get no joy, then there is a representative at the Department of Labour office (in the main Limassol dept it is on 3rd floor), who will take up any employee/employer disputes on your behalf, however I would advise speaking directly to your employer first, as they don't like people going behind thier backs, and may end up not keeping you in the job, so be carefull how you do this. You can find more information that is up to date and obtained directly from the Ministry of Labour here.

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Posted by johnners-660966 - 9 years ago

Hi Waggy,

The minimum wage was increased at the start of April from €840 to €887. This means the minimum wage is 50% of the average wage €1774. The changes were announced by the Labour Advisory Commitee who report to the Ministry of Labour. The one thing to check is if the rules have changed on who it applies to, it used to affect only 6 work categories.

For more detailed information contact the Ministry of Labour.

Hope this helps.


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Posted by angie10-697759 - 9 years ago

Hi I was told by the labour office that the minimum wage should be 800 euros for a 40hr week and working no more then 5days