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Motor Insurance anomoly

Posted by Coldblow - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by Coldblow - 9 years ago

Hi 'Johnners' & 'lime'

Thanks for your thoughts. Closer research has uncovered some more details of how this problem came up. It appears that this was a police issue and thus would not maybe be mentioned on any insurance document.

The story goes that this guy's partner owns a car which she gave him permission to use while she was back in the UK. The insurance covered him either by name or by 'any driver'. For some reason or another he was stopped by the police. When he was questioned by the police as the whereabouts of the main driver he naturally gave them the information about her being away in the UK. This was when the police then told him about the anomoly. He was not prosecuted but was warned not to drive the car again unless ownership was transferred to him and the insurance was changed accordingly.

This I am told and believe to be an honest account of what happened so the question still remains a mystery.



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Posted by lime-676998 - 9 years ago

I didn't study the question in depth, but here are some thoughts - Cyprus laws provide for mandatory insurance of a vehicle (ie not a person). When a second person is entered into their insurance system, he/she is entered as merely another person authorized to drive the vehicle. Thus, it escapes my logic as to why would a departure of the main authorized person affect the status of insurance.

On the other hand, it is quite plausible that there is some small print clauses in the standard agreement (wouldn't stand in court though unless they come up with some really good justification for that practice). Even more plausible is the possibility that driving without some sort of special (and duly registered with some governmental branch) permission of the owner (while the owner is abroad) is an offence in itself (as it is in most countries)...

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Posted by johnners-660966 - 9 years ago

HI Derek,

I've just gone through the small print of our car insurance, the paperwork happens to be by the computer because renewal is due and I'm about to trawl for quotes, and I can't find any reference to named drivers not being insured if the principal driver is not in Cyprus.

Best bet would be to contact an insurance broker, also refered to as insurance agents here in Cyprus, they are independent from the companies and should give impartial advice. Ask them about the various company policies and exclusions and if they can quote from the terms and conditions to confirm or deny what you've heard. Maybe just one or two companies have such exclusion clauses.