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need advice

Posted by Nikitaconway - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by connor-670505 - 9 years ago

That ties in with a comment made to me by a supervisor in the larnaca social insurance office. ie " They are having some financial problems."

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Posted by Nikitaconway - 9 years ago

it's stupid!!!
i gave up in the end and took the job, they are a waste of time and energy in that place and im glad i gave up it made me life less stressful but i cannot believe they treat people like this.
a few weeks ago i heard that the resecion has hit them and they are going bankrupt but i would like to know how

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Posted by verymadwoman - 9 years ago

We have lived in Cyprus for almost 5 years, my husband was for 2 years employed by a company who paid his social insurance and for the past 3 years, self employed and pays 320 euros social insurance contributions every 3 months religiously.

Last year he had back problems and was signed off work for a week from the doctor, he took the certificate to the social insurance and filled in a form to receive his sick pay.............. 2 months later after chasing them up, he received a cheque for 17 euros................. for his weeks sick pay. Joke or what!!!

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Posted by connor-670505 - 9 years ago

The social insurance service in Cyprus is a shambles they make the rules up as they go along. I'm also having problems with them and am tired of being given the run around. I've lodged a complaint with the Ombudsmans Office in Nicosia so we'll see if they can get any sense out of them.

I made a claim for sickness benefit "6 months ago" and to date have not received one cent. Have contributed to their scheme for over two decades and have always paid my dues on time.

You are not alone in having to deal with these half wits.

I suspect they could not organise a proverbial booze-up in a brewery..!

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Posted by Nikitaconway - 9 years ago

my mall is to far for me to travel as i dont drive i live in engomi thanks for your advice i just sat and wrote out the pro's and con's for each decision and i think that to take the ob is the wiser choice at least i will gain a salary more than the 900 euro im waiting for and i will gain reference and experience and maybe they would consider to keep me longer than 4 months. just try telling my husband this :) typical man doesnt want to listen as he is always right.
any way thank you for you response much appreciated

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Posted by Lily2211 - 9 years ago


If you can't possibly live off 200 Euro then the best option would be to take the job I would think? Maybe send your cv to as many places as possible whilst at the job in the hope you find another job in time. Where on Island are you? I know many places in my mall are often looking for staff.

Good luck..