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Need advice on house going to forced auction

Posted by catwalk - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by lime-676998 - 9 years ago

catwalk, not to sound distasteful, but there is not much you could do except perhaps seeking legal redress. Find yourself a good law firm who would assess your situation and advise on your chances of success (however, as far as I can remember, you are already a bit past this stage, plus, I guess, it would have at most given you just a bit of time before the same outcome). However, bottom line is - your situation is a mess. Be strong, act fast and seize all the opportunities you could get - not much else to add to the standard package, except perhaps a suggestion to learn how to assess the losses and cutting them loose without regret, or else they will keep you down indefinitely...

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Posted by catwalk - 9 years ago

Hi all yes im one of the ladies in the divorced group. Thank you all for reading my post. My house was up for auction Sunday just gone, however i have been on the TV a few times in the past few days to make people hear me, what i have been through and what im still going through. I was married at a very young age, didnt really know my husband at the time as it was an arranged marrage. I adored him had 2 lovely children with him, however he use to beat me and call me nasty names. He then forced me to sign for him to take out money from the house, my parents paid and built for me. He didnt put a penny towards a thing! he continued beating me and having me sign a guarantor so he could take loans out to open a bussiness. I know you may think i was stupid but i was scared of him at the time. He then left me with 2 young children. Ive been through alot and now after so many years the banks want there money that is owed to them. At the moment my auction was cancelled for the house until further notice only because i have been on the news and sent letters to the media. I dont have a job and have no money and he made me bankrupt!!

I really dont know what to do because if my house does get sold it will leave me with nothing! so where am i suppose to live?

Please help i dont know which way to turn


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Posted by journo-666338 - 9 years ago

Dear catwalk, I'm really sorry to hear of your predicament. Are you one of the ladies who is in the 'divorced women's group' featured on TV this week?

Do you know if the value of your house is greater than the outstanding debt? Might that give you enough to rent while you seek court action against your ex-husband?

Have you tried contacting the various groups in Cyprus dedicated to helping women who have been abused by their partners? I think they have lawyers working with them who may be able to help you!

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Posted by johnners-660966 - 9 years ago

Hello Catwalk,

I think your sitiuation is far too complicated to be answered on a forum like this.

You must, as Achilleas wrote, seek legal advice from a specialist in this area. You should be able to get some free initial advice at your first appointment.

That said I'm sure other poster will offer moral support to get you through this and if anyone knows a good lawyer experienced in this type of case please, please post details here or email Catwalk directly.


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Posted by achilleas - 9 years ago

Go and speak to a lawyer and also the media.

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Posted by catmeister212 - 9 years ago

which bank is throwing you out of your home? It is very unusual here that banks will force people out of their homes, they usually try and solve the problem and work with you before they reach such drastic measures. It usually doesnt look good for the bank when do such things here.