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need help or advice

Posted by great-695961 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by great-695961 - 9 years ago

Thanks everyone for sweet advices i will be very care full next time,by this forum i request him give me as much as you can couse i have to pay my college fee,life is already very hard for foregin students in cyprus if happen like this will be very sad....

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Posted by lime-676998 - 9 years ago

As far as law goes, you do have a legitimate claim, even if there is no proof in writing (provided that you can establish the fact that you worked there and did that work in particular). The problem is that in order to protect your rights, you would have to go to court, which is a lot of hassle and is likely to take a lot of time...

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Posted by kazanddave - 9 years ago

This happens to a lot of businesses. Even if you have a legitimate business paying taxes an SI, the courts take so long for small claims such as this that it isn't worth the wait or hassle.
As said, next time get half of the cost of the work and full cost of the paint etc first before you start.

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Posted by great-695961 - 9 years ago

Thanks baxi and victoria for ur sweet responce well i did na thing wrong when i handover the key of his flate he saw every room or each part where i paint he admire my work alot .i remember i give him a simple piece of paper's recipt for my rest of money but we have no written agreement as i trust him alot that i did't ask him about agreement..........

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Posted by cronvick - 9 years ago

If I were you I would print this man's name and address so everyone knows not to trust him. Sadly, I think it unlikely you will get your money. You must be careful in future and get a good deposit up front and get paid for the work you do as you go.

Regards, Victoria

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Posted by baxi-666881 - 9 years ago

did you get anything in writing ? . or have you a witness to the agreement ? .