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Posted by loadsatime-678473 - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by loadsatime-678473 - 8 years ago

thanx for advice guys have been phoning police sometimes 3 times a week since august also my neibiour has been phoning them he is cypriat.
well unfortunatlly it came to ahead sundy eve and i was attacked.2 yes 2 times police were called that time as my wife was now very concerned first the fire brigade turn up(we said fight not fire),the police came 20 mins later by now thease youths have left, me bleeding from my head were i have been hit with a piece of pipe(unbeknown to them no problem i can handle myself against but against 10/15 bit too much.some police have said they cant do anything there minors,one officer actually said to my wife they are actually frightened of these kids.
police will be returning tonight to take my statement we have photos noise recorded from inside the house.we have all records of dates times etc.
this isle was once a place with a very near zero crime rate, near non existent violence what happened ?
Have you all seen Cyprus mail 7/10/2010 racial violence at a concert!!!!!

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Posted by johnners-660966 - 8 years ago

Hello Loadsatime,

I agree with Connor and Nigel's suggestions. Plus keep a record of the dates and time this is happening the more information you can gather and pass to the authorites the better.

Without putting yourself in any danger is it possible for you to record some of what is happening? Perhaps placing a video camera inside your home looking through the window to the outside (for example: we have vertical blinds on our downstairs windows so hiding the camera from people seeing it from outside would be easy)

You don't mention any neighbours; is there anyone else in the area being disturbed too? If so have a chat with them and get them to report this problem.


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Posted by Nigel Howarth - 8 years ago

I suggest that you visit the police station and insist on making a formal complaint.


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Posted by connor-670505 - 8 years ago

Contact the Ombudsmans Office in Nicosia on 22 405500 and make a complaint about the Police failing to assist you.

I have dealt with them in the past and they are more than helpful. They know how to deal with sloppy government departments etc.